ESPN FC | Liverpool DESTROYS Barcelona Is Barcelona set for a mass exodus after 3 months ago   30:41

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ESPN FC | Liverpool DESTROYS Barcelona 4-3 Post Match Analysis & Tottenham will blowout Ajax Tonight

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The Good the Bad the Ugly Out
Barcelona best team in the world to the come2play to Anfield and then they become the second best
Malcolm Rix
I really like that they put up the stats of what they won steves bitch slaps them all
Varun Madhavan
1. 3-0 from first leg, despite being the better team for the majority of that match
2. No Firmino, No Salah
3. Had to battle a gruelling 3-2 match against Newcastle Utd 2days before the second leg that literally pushed every player down to the last minute.
4. Barca meanwhile rested their entire starting XI for the weekend inbetween the legs for the la-liga tie
5. Had to watch Man City STEAL a winner against Leicester - that literallly broke every LFC hearts
6. Lost Robertson after first half
7. Last but not least, ONE more barca goal would mean LFC had to get 5...
8. Barca had Messi

I don't know how much more could things have been stacked against LFC this tie... And that's why, the legends will sing about this team, this tie, this manager
Alexio El Guapo
Steve nicol can finally gobble these nuts.Pundit my ass lol
"We know Ajax are a better team than Liverpool" ? That dumb jock twat! Sat next to the 1989 player of the year knows shit about football! Burleys CV is not worthy to get a job in TV.
Ppl saying Barca should have scored...well yeah....Liverpool had 4 CLEAR CUT chances are the Nou Camp... 4 there 4 at Anfield that's 8. . How many CLEAR CUT chances did Barca have at Anfield? Not 4...
Craig Burley lost all credibility when he said Ajax are a better team than Liverpool....what absolutely trash!!!
James Long
People forget the power that is Anfield. The fans are fantastic I should know I’ve been amongst them!
Burley is morphing into Paul Merson!
City may win titles with their filthy oil money, but THEY will never experience nights like this.
andrew stanley
ajax or not better than liverpool mr burley lol there a good young side yet to get the experience
Rock Dude
Ssssh.... barca is still waiting for the corner kick....
pankaj jain
Moreno guy was saying before this match"Barcelona will win and Messi is genius" now he say" Liverpool was too good" he suddenly changed....haahah
Alfred Malam
The belief came from the fact that, in the first leg, Liverpool outplayed Barcelona in their own field, but yet still Liverpool lost by 3 goals. The scoreline made people forget about the performance of Liverpool in the first leg because most people watching football only care about the scoreline.
: Liverpool have a history of success against Spanish clubs, even last year's finals if not because of the 2 major assault by Sergio Ramous on Liverpool players, the results of the Finals would been different. However, because Sergio Ramos injured Salah (who was forced out of the game) and head-butted Liverpool's gaolkeeper that left him with a mild concussion. To the fault of the Keeper himself, he refused to report this to Liverpool's medical team because of his won selfishness and rest was history.
Iqbal Jeenally
Its 1 in a Million YWNWA❤🏐
Stephen bubba b
Got a like just for the use of caps for DESTROYS, YNWA
Maradona 10
Klopp of course is a massive part of the result. But overall it was anfield.
Des Walsh
Why does STEVE NICOL have to sit these guys, its like the Taiwan drug cartel not given a fuck
TB entertainment
this is the happiest i have seen this lot.
Nick Daniels
Lfc for life
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Is Barcelona set for a mass exodus after ESPN FC | Liverpool DESTROYS Barcelona 3 months ago   06:17

ESPN FC's Shaka Hislop weighs up who will stay and who will go at Barcelona following their UEFA Champions League exit against Liverpool at Anfield. Will the likes of Philippe Coutinho, Luis Suarez, Gerard Pique, Ousmane Dembele, Ivan Rakitic, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, Arturo Vidal and Malcom still be playing alongside Lionel Messi come next season?


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