LIONEL MESSI - ALL 600 GOALS IN HIS CAREER Lionel Messi - All 57 Goals in 2016/17 11 months ago   50:36

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By competition:

373 ⚽ La Liga
098 ⚽ UCL
047 ⚽ Copa del Rey
013 ⚽ Supercopa
005 ⚽ Club World Cup
003 ⚽ Eur Super Cup

027 ⚽ Friendlies
021 ⚽ World Cup Qualifying
008 ⚽ Copa America
005 ⚽ World Cup
Goals by season:

01 ⚽ 2004-05
10 ⚽ 2005-06
21 ⚽ 2006-07
19 ⚽ 2007-08
41 ⚽ 2008-09
48 ⚽ 2009-10
57 ⚽ 2010-11
82 ⚽ 2011-12
69 ⚽ 2012-13
48 ⚽ 2013-14
62 ⚽ 2014-15
50 ⚽ 2015-16
57 ⚽ 2016-17
35 ⚽ 2017-18
By shirt number:
547 ⚽ Number 10
036 ⚽ Number 19
009 ⚽ Number 18
008 ⚽ Number 30

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Willian Guimaraes
600 Vezes Messi
Oscar Mendes
Em 18/04/2007 aconteceu o gol mais bonito da história do futebol.
Oscar Mendes
Quando Messi parar de jogar eu direi: "O maior jogador da história do futebol foi Lionel Messi, e eu o vi jogar!"
Soonnat Rahimov
Messi in king football lake
amazigh ait messaoud
god of football is Leo Messi
Carpet Climber
Of course Messi stayed in Barca. Star on a super team, mostly beating weak teams his entire career.
Rocky Chui
It...would really help if the audio was for the goal being shown. It's just weird hearing "One of the great Copa Del Rey final goals!" over some completely different match.
Utkarsh Soni
Not a fake comment and that is:-
MESSI'S driblling and goals make me sick
Hh vbh75
no one is even close to him
Fut Zbosss
Messi e um mestre!
Bernardino Jimenez
No te doy el like x la mugre musica q pusiste cerdo
Sushaan Magar
song from 3:11... can anyone tell me please??
alextremo 2004
Canciones plis
Romario Anjos
Messi tem as finalizacoes do romario tem passes de maradona e dribles tbm...
Twex 07
he have more than 600 gols , but Thanks for the video
Matheus conceição
Joga muito Messi e um mostro
Ario Romero
Messi fan como te quiero crak
CHOU Chin Fong
Lionel Messi is a top player!👌
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Lionel Messi - All 57 Goals in 2016/17 LIONEL MESSI - ALL 600 GOALS IN HIS CAREER 11 months ago   09:40

No one has scored more goals this season, than Leo Messi... A total of 57 goals! Here you got them all, with commentary! Enjoy!

Messi has now more titles than his age.

High Definition
by Wouva.

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Lionel Messi has been involved in 71 goals in 52 games across all competitions for Barcelona this season.
- 54 goals
- 17 assists

Leo Messi:
700th career game
565th career goal
30th career trophy

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