I Bought My High School Dream MY EVO IS FINALLY FINISHED! 500HP VS 500HP 1 day ago   13:31

Every generation has a different highschool dream car. For the boomers you had the 69 Camaro or the 71 Hemi Cuda. For me though, growing up in the early 2000s, it had to be the Mitsubishi Evo. Or more specifically, the Evo 9. I was a senior in highschool when this car came out and I wanted one in the worst way. JDM cars were all the rage but as a broke highschooler, there was no way I could afford a $30k car. Clearly some time has past since then, and it's becoming increasingly hard to find these cars without being clapped out or returning to the earth via rust. This is by no means the cleanest example, but most importantly it's rust free and runs really strong. Most people would call it 'driver' quality, which is really just a nice way of saying "Yeah, it's got some bumps and bruises, but it puts a smile on your face just the same." So here it is, I finally found the right one for me, my new to me 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX SE.

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Sean Hayabusa
Yo this is my high school same dream car, you made your dream come true
Congrats! I love my Evo 8 MR! I'm the second owner and bought her when I was 24 (I'm now 35). It is completely stock and has 42,000 miles.
Shadow Ruler
I can’t believe I live in Columbus and didn’t know somebody was selling an Evo in my own neighborhood. I could tell just by the buildings you were by 161
Randy Candelario
A low mileage MR wi go for that much.
Tylood Bf
Hey man so im thinking about buying a evo ix but im just curious how tall u are cuz im 6’3 and want to be comfortable in one of these
Nice man good for you but for $18k cash I’ll take more time looking for a better shape once, but it’s your money ur dresm car good for you!! I got mine 2012 Gsr X all tuned and upgrade turbo I’m pushing 491 hp atm planning on pushing higher but I’m not in the rush I’m enjoying the daily n horsepower atm😅🤣
Muhamad Zulfadhtli
How you buy this car?
honda fan boy
Nice intro
damn if that was tuned by slowmotion in sunbury it should have no issues!
Saim Khokhar
2005: The year i started wearing diapers...
louisb carabaille
Nice car
PicturePerfect Creatives
Ughhh. You`re living my dream bro. Hope to own one soon!
bean bean
evo 9 is every boy dream
Shane Abara
Would it be a good daily car? Planning on getting an evo 9 real soon.
Col Wal
I honestly can say the Mitsubishi evo 8 or 9 is my dream cars to date
B Foust
What price point did you work out on this
Wow, such a change from the GT350! This is probably just as fun due to its weight and size. Mustangs are huge compared to this and most of your fleet.
Hector Jacques Giovani Lima Santos
Keep It Stock man, dont ruin It because everyone does
Hector Jacques Giovani Lima Santos
Subscribed right now Just because you bought this EVO
Randy Candelario
Still my dream car. I don’t have one yet but I’ll own one.
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MY EVO IS FINALLY FINISHED! 500HP VS 500HP I Bought My High School Dream 1 day ago   15:15

Thank you guys so much for watching the video! If you guys enjoyed this style of video please let me know down below! Follow me on instagram to stay up to date on the evo! I'm thinking about taking this winter to build the motor and transmission to make the evo capable of 1,000 horsepower. What do you think I should do?


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