Carleton University: A Video Campus Cheapest Cities To Live, Study 1 day ago   02:38

While your first few times on campus may seem a little daunting, it's soon going to feel like home. Join reporter Sam Lehman as she takes you on a tour around Canada's capital university.

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rpsikerwal danoda
Carleton University of Canada is really a heaven on this earth .The infrastructure ,university campus and its location all are very attractive and peace giving one ...Thanks to the lucky students of it .....
Avid Hunter
Why would you make a video trying to make Carleton appealing and then make the second thing you show UC stairs
small MIGHT DG
My sister is going to college she going to this college
lion lion
I know someone who was a student there and the administration was racist against him because he was from a different ethnicity and they kicked him out and ruined his life. Fuck all the Canadian bitches they are cowered stupid fat disgusting mother fuckers
Devarati Ghosh
How gud is Carlton university?
I understand that Weighing scales have been banned from Carlton University. Excellent idea as these devices are clearly designed to humiliate weight challenged people. As a Man with thinning hair I also hope that the university can also ban hair products from the campus. The other week I was traumatized when I saw a comb and some gel on the changing room counter. Can you imagine the anguish I went through knowing the person who had left these was clearly laughing at me and my condition. As you have done with weighing scales please Carlton University consign products of "Hair rape" to the garbage dump of history
Western def has more Tims
Konye East
Was gonna go to Carleton University but then you said "cool swag"
David Tough
The river at Carleton is the Rideau, not the Ottawa. The Ottawa runs east-west across the top of the city, the Rideau runs perpendicular, down through the city.
love Tory Building ! pretty shoot my intros and outs there :)
Layla Fadel
Wtf please don't tell me the field house is where my grad ceremony is gonna be wtf That's disgusting
Mohammed Doesari
Nobody gives a shit
1:14 River Nuilding... lol never been to that building before
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