He Slipped it Off and Didn't Tell Me They Threw Money at Me After 1 day ago   10:01

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Thanks for letting me voice this video, MinuteVideos. This was a really powerful story.
Tannah McWhorter
Praying for the girl in the story.
Titanium wolf E
U know therapy is to take away stress and anxiety but she just put more on her like smh
drocoX chris
Wouldn’t you feel him bust in you though? Not hating he still wrong I’m just asking
Savannah Wisdom
That isn't horrible for someone to do. If you are afraid and don't think you're ready. :)
Aneta Adewunmi
Don’t worrie your not horrible. You did the correct thing for you🤗🤩
Olivia Gartzke
He’s a dooshbag
BlackCloud 87
I don't get why people are like its your body when there is actually another body and you are killing it. But if it were like everyone was saying you would be killing your own body
These stupid people need to stop calling her a murderer because they're all to snobby and dumb to understand the situation.
Avery Boro
Personally I don’t agree with you getting an abortion but you do you and I’m very sorry
Jada Jenkins
you sure your cousin made it as soon as possible in 2 hours ?
Lunar Studio
I think abortion isn't cruel you have to decice what you want to do with your body people dosen't have the right to tell you what to do with your own body !
geralt rivia
You are too Yung. You can't have a baby. Well, actiyally, I don't have any idea how you live with boy and no parents around, but I think you did the rite thing. It's too dangerous not only for you, but for baby too to, well, have it in this ages. Sorry for broken English.
It's so wierd and illegal for some 17 or some other age man (definitly not a man)doing something to have a baby with a 15 year old wtf like why you idiot man why oh my god
You didn’t lose your baby...🙄
Slimey Gamer101
I wouldn't of killed a life!! No one deserves to feel like they were unlovable, but a baby deserves to be killed?!? This girl disgusts me.
Garcia G
ღ h o s h i m i - m i t s u ღ
R.I.P. My virgin eyes
Stripy Stripes
At 0:08 I thought she was cooking her kid
Newman Kang
This is you and this is you baby
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They Threw Money at Me After He Slipped it Off and Didn't Tell Me 1 day ago   04:55

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