Best Goals in World Cup History Lionel Messi ● Doing The Most 5 months ago   29:15

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thank u!! for not puttin annoying music on the background :)
I am sorry but Iordan Letchkov's goal in the QF in USA1994 against Germany should be in the video.
where pele
22:27, better than Maradona against England 1986
Just Arnav :)
Cahill vs Netherlands?????
Gamers Decide
weak and gay
Pele vs Mexico and Messi vs Bosnia are missing
Greg Meredith
The goal starting at 22:26 was scored by Saeed Al-Owairan, but the commentator said a completely different name... Anyone else notice and can explain why
Mikey J.
This video is absolute quality and I'm only 9 minutes into it. Bravo for such good taste.
Nhan Nguyen
Where's Roberto Baggio in 1990 and 1994?
Kugel Schreiber
So only 1 french goal? R U nuts?
James Roberts
I love the American commentary.
"Best Goals" yeah right ... so many regular and nothing special ... hey buddy u know what ... GO FUCK YOURSELF
Matthew Reid
Bravo sir. Everyone remembers Maradona, Carlos Alberto and Van Persie, but there's so many forgotten gems in here.
Steve Andersen
P.S. thanks for the Josimar goals from '86!!  It's almost alien to me...
Steve Andersen
Thanks for posting Eder Aleixo's goal in '82 vs. U.S.S.R.  First World Cup game I ever watched at 11 years old.  After all this time it still gives me goosebumps!!  Thanks for posting...  1,610th thumbs up from me.
theshagger2012 oneleg
archie gemmil scotland v holland and of course cocaine maradonnas punch against england without doubt the most blatent display of corruption on tyhe part of fifa and the refs im just happy it was against those english wankers
Wish it would say who and what team.. i know the teams are obvious for the most part.. but just take the first clip as an example.. at first glance you might think that's brazil not south africa.
Soundwave VR
5:02 Adrian Ilie, Romania!
Kiswahili Kitukuzwe 254
The Senegal goal at 3:20 against Denmark was the most efficient counter attack I have ever seen with the fewest touches, period! Oh, classic!! The one-two combination between defensive midfielder Salif Diao and attacking midfielder Khalilou Fadiga was simply magnifique! Look at the distance Diao had to cover after his long diagonal pass to Fadiga who waited and waited for his arrival inside the box.

It all started when fullback defender Omar Daf made a clean tackle on the Danish striker Jon Tomasson and then laid on a long pass to forward/winger El Hadji Diouf who just made a simple flicker of the ball to Diao who then made a long diagonal pass to Fadiga after which he (Diao) embarked on a long sprint at full speed, as if he was running for his life, into the Danes' penalty box and then the rest is history.
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Lionel Messi ● Doing The Most Best Goals in World Cup History 5 months ago   30:35