Dance Moms: Ugly Dance-Off SOPHIA & SARAH CHEATED ON MOMMY! 6 days ago   04:14

Mackenzie judges an impromptu "ugly" dance-off in this bonus scene from "No Moms Allowed." #DanceMoms

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Dance Moms
Season 6
Episode 1
No Moms Allowed Kickoff Special

"Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.

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Comments 11884 Comments

Habiba Bechir
Nias outfit is horrible eww
zam piang
Maddie cheated
Ania Górecka
What season was this ?
sua yoke fue
Mini Abby,so proud of her
Bounphanh Phommachanh
anuta kikabidze
how is maddie pretty dancer and ugly dancer at the same time
WhitePearl YT
i guess Maddie does win everything xD
Tresa Labunetz
Anyone else notice jojos outfit changed ?
Ashley Rose playz
Does anyone notice jojo was wearing a outfit at 0:29 but her outfit changed at 1:38? ik she changed her outfit :P
Rainbow Glitter
So maddie can win everything
Tala Binsaif
It’s funny 😆
Ivy G
Dang Maddie's the ugliest dancer and the prettiest
Pandoria xX
The girl screaming at minute 3:47 gosh her face tho
Gabby Holloway
How can Maddie be the best and the worst
Strawberry Roblox
I feel like the winner should have been kalani i loved that idk why. 😂 But i quess Maddie really wins everything
Sylvia Valencia
2:06 to 2:16
If u look at Maddie and at the end that’s like everything I do at 1 in the morning
jalei mannis
Mackenzie did so good in her Sol cry on dacne Mom's tv show is on YouTube and TV
Teresa De La Luz
Did anyone realize that Cloe wasnt there
Mohammad Qudaisat
You girls are the best you are my favorite thing to watch and my favorite is maddy
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SOPHIA & SARAH CHEATED ON MOMMY! Dance Moms: Ugly Dance-Off 6 days ago   24:54

SOPHIA & SARAH CHEATED ON MOMMY! Blindfolded Slime Challenge








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