Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic 4 months ago   14:36

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Spiderman is DEAD! ►►

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Venom - the symbiote with a taste for... well, people. Not only does Venom have a human host in Eddie Brock, but he chomps down on a few as well. Is that ACTUALLY good for him? You see, I think that Venom is being HURT by the humans he needs to survive! How? Let me show you!

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Don't tell everyone my secret
Jasmine Johnson
Can you do a film theory on how Ellen gave birth from The Incredibles and how she got her powers
Isabella Smith
the scientests who said that were dog owners. lol 😸
Gina Perez
Mary Eckenorde
12:30 wow nice segway
Me, Myself and I
7:00 to 7:15 anyone else see the Fortnite refrences
Ahmad Loves San Sonic
The movie is amazing
Ma. Cristina Daraido
and you just love a commet wind a venim eyecan
Never considered venom a villain from my understanding it mostly derives from the host. Carnage for example, his host was a full blown serial killer which i get the symbiotes are there to take over originally but they're also sentient and can in a sense be persuaded to match the goals of their host. Without the host they die so I guess you could say they're co dependant and it all derives from the host and symbiotes goals and which of the two is stronger I guess idk
correlation doesnt equal causation, kids
You got one thing wrong VENOM is an antihero
Olivia DeHority
After the film theory sign instead of venoms eyes it should've been a diet coke.
Cyril The Guardian
Three Words: Web Of Shadows.
Cyril The Guardian
I will hunt you Venom. I. will. hunt. You.
Jennifer Soon
god your editing is awesomely simple and perfect
Cenjurion Cenjuu
Actually its pronounced sim-by-ot because im from mars
At 1:40, that's Dr. Hugo Strange. One of Batmans biggest super villians ever. I honestly think it's hilarious that he mixed universes like that.
Ratchet 2003
This comes from tooooooooooo much smoking
arlind vasha
and btw symbiotes are actually bacteria, so maybe he can be called a parasite????
arlind vasha
anyone else cringed from carlton drake's symbiosis spelling
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Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! 4 months ago   13:48

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Twitter: @MatPatGT