People Who Messed Up Real Bad People Who Quit Their Jobs 11 months ago   13:38

People Who Messed Up Real Bad
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Sad Little Thing Called No One
0:10 My dream lol Xd
Rapscallion Gaming
Epic Oliver 185
That first one is not a mistake its genius
Glib by Glob by
Every time I might mess something up I always remember I can move to another country and no one will now me
Liliana Layfield
1:56 IM DEAD!!😆
Scarily Ignored Channel
0:30 is from bald booth and is 100% FAKE!
I'm Jayelee I Wish I Were A Billionare
0.29= I call bullshit on the nair hair removal one. she has hair on the sides of the head, and the top is all gone and baby-bottom smooth-no odd bits of strands left on top. my experience with Nair is u have to leave it on for a while, and then use a flannel or spatula to get rid of the hair. just a post to get reactions, but its bullshit.
Margaret Walsh
I really don’t be leave the person with the Nair really didn’t do that on purpose for a few reasons one it takes a lot of remover just to do legs and two it takes a while for it to work almost ten minutes and most people don’t leave shampoo on for ten minutes thirdly the smell and fourthly and the most important thing when you use Nair most people feel some burning to where you’ve applied it to. So there is no way she could have done that to herself without realizing it. And if I’m wrong I’m sorry and I hope your hair grows back more beautiful than before.
Stan X bangtan
omg, i fuckin lost it at 4:00 and i shouldn't be laughing this hard😂
Row Kah
7:16 Is that you, Mr. Cage?
Row Kah
6:21 See chicks everyday
Row Kah
3:03 i don't get this!
David Drygas
Your sister is a dumbass
Cringe-itis44 Projects
The stormtrooper one really pissed me off not cause he mistakened a stormtrooper for Vader, but because he called him Dark instead of Darth. People who dont know star wars well and call Darth Vader Dark Vader frustrate me so much. Sigh
That pink face made me laugh out-loud :'D
mr dead pool
At 0:44 is grom iys always sunny in philadelphia when frank gets stuck
Surprise Sisters
Me:Gives gum to a friend

Everyone else: 7:05
Theresa Gray
Now the caterer that decorated those cakes with, "happy birthday on both," is DUMB and DUMBER!!!
›› french toast ‹‹
meat circles? you mean pepperoni lmfao
10:45 well, that IS CNN after all. There's a reason they're fake news and it's not just because of their Orange Man Bad hysteria
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People Who Quit Their Jobs People Who Messed Up Real Bad 11 months ago   10:50

People Who Quit Their Jobs With Style
❄Handing in the two weeks notice can be a good chance for the employee to thank the boss for the pleasure of having a chance to work together or curse him for all the wrong-doings. It can also be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get extra creative and leave the place they have been nine-to-fiving in style. The people listed below couldn’t miss that shot.

From really elaborate messages, that took quite some time and effort when planning and executing them, to receipt-sized paper scraps with a few words scribbled on them – these resignation notices are the true examples of employee creativity that bosses will not forget anytime soon.
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