2 North Moore Street, TriBeCa, 110 Duane Street, Apt. PH3SN, 1 day ago   02:42

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A mansion-scaled urban townhouse is extremely difficult to find anywhere in Manhattan. Enter 2 North Moore, a truly incredible townhouse in TriBeCa.

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Frank Kuo
Sold for $27 million
Delvin Walton
diego super
this house is to dark,only one parking?
Majesty Williams
Flooded with northern light?! What?
1969Vanessa G
It looks like tacky Taylor Swift's place. I checked, it is! She really messed it up with her "little girl" look. Have you seen the inside after she purchaed it? Ugh!!!!
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Öo Ôó
Quinn Hensley
With a mere 10,000,000 down and a mere10,000 a month how can you possibly go wrong, cough.!!!!!
20mil is actually not that bad for this, considering your living in the best part of NYC with a shit ton of amenities
Kashief Estiel
This house has been on the market forever. I would so buy it in a heartbeat if I could
The Utopiano Utopioan
This townhouse is AWESOME! The decor is a little too contemporary for me, but the amenities make up for it. LOVE the pool! It's rare to find a home in New York City with a swimming pool! This house is much bigger than most NYC townhomes, and quite frankly, most townhomes anywhere. If I had to live in New York City, but could pick any home in NYC, this one would be a huge contender!
Denis Kovaljov
шикарный дом
that's what the agent calls living, btw.
John Smith
How much is this hell hole
Nat Serrano
My offer: my healthy left kidney for this house. Deal?
There's hooks right by the front door for the ladies to hang their panties as soon as they walk into this place.
karim kh
Price ?
Exia Zcythe
When was this made?
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110 Duane Street, Apt. PH3SN, 2 North Moore Street, TriBeCa, 1 day ago   02:08

Learn more about this home here: http://bit.ly/1wvuGME

Take a tour of this sleek combined penthouse home at 110 Duane Street in Tribeca with Corcoran's Tara Siso-King and architect Phil Cerniglia of Lothrop Associates. You'll be amazed by the expansive outdoor space it offers.