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Floyd Mayweather Talks $1 Billion | Floyd Mayweather Fires Back - At Up-Tube.com

Floyd Mayweather Talks $1 Billion Floyd Mayweather fires back 4 months ago   03:18

LOL Network
Will Floyd Mayweather step into the octagon? Mayweather gives Kevin Hart the low down on a future with the UFC and shares his thoughts about former opponent Conor McGregor.

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LOL Network
Do you think Mayweather would dominate if he signed with the UFC?
Was y'all in my fking briefcase 🤣🤣🤣
dashie's bbgurl
Leave me alone I make it rain all day long.
My name is *Floyd*
My name is *Floyd*
My name is *Money* Mayweather
My name is *Floyd*
My name is *Floyd*
My name is *Money* Mayweather
dee kay
Floyd is one of the most petty ppl.. this is why hip hop culture is effed
Dakota Bear
Mayweather wouldn't last a minute in the UFC.
Angel King
Conor jumps out of the ice😂😂😂
Blxrry Regrxt
Khabib Nurgamedov VS Floyd Mayweather
"Gawwwdammm every month " 🤣🤣🤣😭😭
Roku Highlights
This man said he doesn’t do it for the fame yet owns like 1000 strip clubs with a built in chunky cheese in them all
Edano Irise
2100 Mayweather vs God for 10 Billion Heavenly Dollars
Ronan Mangan
Jason Garcia
These mma fans really think they’ll make more money in the mma than Boxing lol MMA fighter are mummies
floyds trained for boxing not fighting
We all know Conor's ground game. I got Floyd by rear naked choke.
Teodor Hristev
1.The ice is real
2.He would have a chance if he trains a year or so
Weird flex but ok
XxYoStepDaddyxX XxYoStepDaddyxX
*But floyed to scared to go back in the ring with canelo*
Raymond Marshall
Maywther you great in your craft at boxing. But you need to stay away from the UFC way out of your eliminate man. McGregor went toe to toe an he give you a run for your money. An that was just stand up. No kicks no knees no clinch no submitions no ground an pounds. Count your blessings and enjoy the rest of you life of success.
Christian Carvajal
Kevin! Get a Fútbol player on! Get Zlatan Ibrahimović
Jose D
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Floyd Mayweather fires back Floyd Mayweather Talks $1 Billion 4 months ago   09:43

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