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5:55 I didn't even know Giroud could dribble
Heston Manswell
Messi is pretty good 😎👊🏾
Alexander Svendsen
Messi is the best ever
ريم العكرمي
Messi su
ريم العكرمي
Salah best
ROBO karizma
why does this have to be my pe assignment (its a rainy day)
Harrison McCrary
daniel salloi vs real salt lake
Technology Freak
Luke Anderson
bruh why messi always gotta do courtois dirty like that
Joe's Football Predictions
What is the song called
Mohd Karimi
Make more videos
Ethan Kadlis
A-league represent
Khalix 450
Messi unbelievable 😏😀😀
Teddy Wesoloski
2:03 that was just disrespectful
Juan Suarez Anzorena
What about Messi vs Neuer back in the champions league? He chipped it over neuer and broke Boateng’s ankles bro
The last one with Christianity Ronaldo isn’t real. He didn’t touch the ball. It even counted as a goal for modric
David Yanez
Matt Nirus
Barcelona fan boy
iswati iswati
0:02 what song??
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