PEOPLE WHO ARE HAVING WORSE DAY THAN These People Are True Born 4 months ago   07:42

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Comments 217 Comments

Moroccan girls
*And I thought I was having a bad day for not getting my ice cream 🍦lol*
Your Typical Mega
What did PRN6969 mean?
Darth vader
I totally have the worst day going to school noooooooooo
Annmarie Young
7:27 well i mean at least you didn't die..
Joel Cho
0:04. Not the same car, look at the radio.. Exposed??
Its raining tacos!!
1:20 yeah I would rather get my shoes wet than drop my expensive PHONE IN THE WATER
John Gable
that music aaaaahhhh
Katsuki Bakugou
Reddit_Bot 1432
The man at 5:20 keeps the aloe vera companies going
Linhlam Nguyenthi
3:04 the vending machine god you can just shake a bit on it
0:17 Fake... Different pictures if you look closely enough...
Iiris L
5:47 omg omg poor person that hurt sooo much
Shadow Reapz
0:23 XD
Bea Ererfel
6:01 Bury a friend lol.
Nate Rosenfeld
5:44 my bro oooooooooooof x 100
דביר קרונפלד
7:17 מי זה? אני רוצה לדעת מי ביש המזל שזה קרה לו והוא מופיע בסירטון!
I Feel the pain in my foot when i saw the charger in the foot owww and how did it get in there or how did you not see it on the ground 911 whats your emergency
Ice_unicorns - Gacha skits and unicorn fun
1:35 😂😂😂😂😂
wtf dies PRN6969 mean :/
Anna a

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These People Are True Born PEOPLE WHO ARE HAVING WORSE DAY THAN 4 months ago   04:08

These People Are True Born Savages!

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