How Gunmakers Tweak Rifles to Get Around How the Permian Basin Became North 2 days ago   05:21

Wall Street Journal
California has tried three times to ban what lawmakers call assault weapons. Each time, gunmakers have made tiny tweaks to the offending rifles, and gun shops have continued selling guns that operate nearly identically to the banned models. WSJ explains how guns have evolved in the state, and why it can be difficult to make firearm restrictions effective.

Photo: Michael Kofsky/Andria Chamberlin for The Wall Street Journal

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The 401K
Divide America into 2 areas, one where guns are legal and one where they are banned entirely. Now, what side do the criminals choose to live on?
Happy Camper
Would like to see a similar report on the negative of some politician to include gang members in RED FLAG laws. That will help to disarm illegal gun owners
Benoit L
boogaloo when
El Compa Ish
A Ruger mini 14 and AR-15 still shoot the same round. Law makers need to leave the AR-15 alone.
El Compa Ish
Those “Evil features” help the shooter shoot better thus actually making it safer.
The Prestigious
Lawmakers are complete dumbasses. Not our fault. Lol.
Good Crusader Bear
Legalize the m16!!!
alex lau
I just found out that a gun free zone doesn’t mean they are giving out free guns to protect ourselves. Well, I feel very unsafe in those places.
Jairo Lopez
christopher olin
So wait. Criminals didnt follow the law? Say it ain't so
burgerboy does some shit
DO NOT COMPLY with unconstitutional gun laws
oh boo hoo a weapon of self defence
Thin Soldier
3:22 not only can you illegally modify a gun, you can also illegaly create a gun from scratch if you have the motivation or enough money and can find the right person.
Victor Ledesma
These guys sound like f@gs.
You will never stop the sale of Modern Sporting Rifles in California. We will ALWAYS find a way.
Charley Bates
Lol, why didn’t they cover the featureless options? Lawmakers make laws, and engineers make solutions.
Sam Hammond
Washington snowflake journal
Braydon Tweed
It seems like the places where these horrible tragedies happen occur are in areas with the strictest gun laws.. My heart goes out to all the families that suffered a loss by the hands of a criminal with a weapon... if a person is that sick mentally and there aren’t warning signs they won’t abide by the law... the most reasonable way to defend yourself from a gun is with a gun.... our crime rate up here in north Idaho is virtual non existent compared to where I came from in central CA... when criminals know there is a good chance u have a weapon 9/10 times they won’t chance it... be prepared and stay folks
Dog Bite 08
🤦🏻‍♂️ok when people follow the law with innovation it is not a loophole. It is just following the law while attempting to exorcise there 2A rights without being harassed by there public servants.
Jacob Hiller
Look at that like/dislike ratio. Keep it going guys, show em what we think!
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How the Permian Basin Became North How Gunmakers Tweak Rifles to Get Around 2 days ago   06:59

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