Tony Soprano Recruits Bobby The Sopranos - Brendans hijacking goes 6 months ago   03:16

"Don't look at the floor, Bobby. Look at Me."

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Samuel Woods
Haha Bobby beat him fair and square.
Edward Caballero III
2:00 Is the best.
After Tony, Bobby was my second favorite character on the show.
Raul Quintanilla
Well , I guess Tony ended up respecting Bobby once Bobby kicked his ass at Janice's house,😂
Daveyboy _
He beat Tony's ass in the end !
You know Schirppa wore a fat suit to look that huge? HE'S AN ACTOR. You guys...fogedaboudit.
Birger Boberg
No wonder Bobby was nervous. Most of the crew he belonged to had been murdered by Tonys henchmen. Bobby never chose side, he was assigned to Juniors crew and was never in the inner circle of that crew, mostly doing small errands for Junior.
Shawn Moore
don't look at the floor Bobby look at me.
Mad Duck !! You should try building a mirror sometime . Mop sucker!! ( edited for public television if ever Sopranos get aired elsewhere other than HBO ) .
What I really liked about Baccala was that, even in his very first appearance, he knew how to respectfully but firmly "talk back" to Tony. Here he does it by telling him Tony has no business talking to him like trash; when he gets promoted at the start of Season 4, he tells Tony right to his face that Tony should have made the decision to promote him way earlier. Not to mention he pummeled Tony's ass after warning Tony to watch himself. Face it - for how awkward and bumbling he started out, Baccala became one of the coolest Sopranos characters.
Efrain Natividad
If Bobby’s dad wasn’t a legend he would have never been a made guy.
Yule Tide
I was so happy when he dropped tony it was long overdue.
Michael Cauterucci
Tony has the best disses of all time. Easy
Jerry 85g
Junior sold Coke
Tim Schultz
Get off my car before you flip it over you fat fuck 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nick E
LMFAO get off my car before you flip it over😂😂😂😂😂Dead💀💀
DieselWorkHorse Techie
One wonders how you can intimidate anyone when you waddle around like that. I suppose you can say cause they got guns, thing is so does everyone else in the U.S. Then again, you weren't afraid of the man but the twenty others that would take his place if you tried anything.
Hated Bobby. Shit actor, shit character, it shows.
Garet Deboer
no one cares you bots 1v1 me fortnite
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The Sopranos - Brendans hijacking goes Tony Soprano Recruits Bobby 6 months ago   05:09

Another great scene from the episode 46 Long. This is the reason why Brendan was eventually killed.