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SCAD - The Savannah College of Art and Design
Whether you're interested in earning your degree in equestrian studies, competing at the college level or simply remaining immersed in equestrian culture while pursuing a degree in art and design, you belong at SCAD.

Learn more about the SCAD equestrian team at

To explore the SCAD equestrian studies program go to

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Hannah M
Is there a cross country field or anything for eventers
Medicine Passion
What are the entry requirements to enter this school?
Susie Nash
Nikki the fox that's why they made hartbury college and that's where I'm going
Park Bom
It must be nice being privileged.
This place looks like my dream riding school! I have been riding for 10 Years and I am 12 years old now! Where r u guys located?
Its Ya Girl Brie
my dream school 💕
Maja Marie
My Dream place!!❤️❤️😇😇
Jennifer Murphy
Where is this located?
Joleen Pardo
Is this a boarding schools?
its_ E.L.L.Y
Omg I want to go here
Canter the Fence
Lafayette is a liberal arts school with an equestrian program.
tempo andruby
I'm going here xD
Nikki The Fox
I was never a priveleged rich kid who could take lessons... really wish I could take part in this.
T'aire Olsen
Omg I want to go to scad with my horse
I wish I could be ana Equestrian T_T
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EQUESTRIAN MORNING ROUTINE|| MATT SCAD Equestrian Studies 2 days ago   21:36

Join me as I show you guys my day to day life at my house with my horses. Hope you Enjoy


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