Tool-Vicarious Tool - Lateralus (HD Lyrics) 11 months ago   07:15

Amazing song here are the lyrics

Eye on the TV
Cause tragedy thrills me
Whatever flavor
It happens to be

"Killed by the husband"
"Drowned by the ocean"
"Shot by his own son"
"She used a poison in his tea
and kissed him goodbye"
That's my kind of story.
It's no fun 'til someone dies

Don't look at me like
I am a monster
Frown out your one face
But with the other
Stare like a junkie
Into the TV
Stare like a zombie
While the mother holds her child,
Watches him die

Pleas to the sky crying,
"Why, oh why?!"

Cause I need to watch things die
From a distance
Vicariously, I
Live while the whole world dies
You all need it too - don't lie.

Why can't we just admit it?
Why can't we just admit,
We won't give pause until the blood is flowin'
Neither the brave nor bold
Will write us a story. So,
We won't give pause until the blood is flowin'

I need to watch things die
From a good safe distance
Vicariously, I
Live while the whole world dies
You all feel the same so
Why can't we

Just admit it

Blood like rain, come down
Drum on grave and ground

Part vampire
Part warrior
Carnivore and voyeur
Still have the transmittal
Synch to the death rattle...

La, la, la, la, la, la,la-lie (x4)

Credulous at best your desire to believe in
Angels in the hearts of men
Pull your head on out
You Hippies and give a listen
Shouldn't have to say it all again

The universe is hostile
So impersonal
Devour to survive
So it is, so it's always been ...

We all feed on tragedy
It's like blood to a vampire

Vicariously, I
Live while the whole world dies
Much better you than I.

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Alibear *
Tool is the best therapist
Tylor Wade
That build up tho, makes me wanna rise above any shit that’s bothering me
Dead Fox
Sums up the story of America
We love Violence! We support murders and invasions. But yet we cry when our children kill? Hahah
Arazona Genuine not
They can not hit Mr. Potato Head everybody loves him and no one will ever compromise hin thats why i have to stay in the usar ditch flying weizel the greatest thing since the toilet overflowed in hieacy hijacked spellchack mamarmy star one fire on tupedos
Ugur Kuveloglu
man.. after like 10 years I'm rediscovering the band. holy shit I knew nothing about it as a teen. just wow.
Alexander Bunganic
Joyce Kraft
Just breathe it in
Chrispy Bacon
This song is the inverse of why its almost impossible for me to get jealous of family members and friends (who aren't trying to hurt me) when they have success.
illumi NOTme
I don't like watching anything die!
S.E. Sander
This song is a lyrical dose of cold water to the face! Yahhhhhhhhhh fuck I love it.
Spiral 0ut
6:04 sucks u in 6:24 spits u out. Hold on at 6:36 cuz ur going back in untill 7:14
Nicholas Darretta
I don't get why this album is a lot of peoples least favorite, and most poorly credited, it's original, dark, atmospheric, catchy, heavy, moving, and so tool.
Peak of metal and rock music.
kirk west
This is dark song...sounds great tho
Beverly Baer
Thank you Tool 🖤
clear that previous shit outa my head
I dont see the massive hype, they sound good but not as people say.
UnKnOwN NiGhT_raCeR
Swiftie fans should hear this song.
Thatflounder 133
The 3k dislikes are all the worms and corrupt energy that infect this earth..
joshua ellis
Aftershock gonna be lit.
Anybody reliving 10,000 days?
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Tool - Lateralus (HD Lyrics) Tool-Vicarious 11 months ago   09:24

Artist: Tool
Album: Lateralus (2001)
Track: 9

This is one of the best tracks by Tool, very inspirational. It has many connections with the Fibonacci Sequence, that's why I recommend you to visit the Wikipedia pages of Fibonacci and Lateralus. You'll discover new profound meanings and connections in the song and you'll appreciate it even more.