Monty Python Reunion at Tribeca John Cleese Remembers Monty 2 days ago   01:58

The legendary funnymen turned the Beacon Theater into a laugh factory last night, with a little help from HBO's John Oliver.

“The audience is king,” said John Cleese, “If you make them laugh, you’ve won, and if you haven’t made them laugh, you’ve lost.” Cleese shares some advice, adding how you must really listen to the audience because they are ultimately part of the show. He refers to them as the “litmus test.” Michael Palin adds how the audience in fact laughed more when things went wrong. The actors recall their experience with famous comedian Eddie Izzard who attended their show several times. Cleese explains how the apologized to Izzard for getting the lines wrong, yet Izzard’s response was quite surprising!

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Max Aggropop
still a "no" on the whole deal?
Terry Gilliam isn't much of a talker isn't he?
Can we please get the whole talk? Thanks...
Bomb Diggity
Love it! Awesome channel! Can't wait to see what else you guys come out with.
Any chance of posting the whole interview?
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John Cleese Remembers Monty Monty Python Reunion at Tribeca 2 days ago   03:27

Seth and John Cleese chat about one of Monty Python's most iconic sketches.
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John Cleese Remembers Monty Python's "Dead Parrot" Sketch - Late Night with Seth Meyers