Top 5 Performance Mods For 5.3 Silverado or Sierra Air Intake vs. Cold Air Intake - Summit 1 day ago   14:00

Dyno Results-
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Cold Air Intake

Exhaust Video:

Trucks Modifications
22x12 Fuel Forged FF19 -51
35x12.50 Toyo Open Country R/T
Rough Country 4" Lift
True Dual Exhaust with X pipe
Tuned with Diablosport i2

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DYNO VIDEO on these mods link is below
Corey Jackson
Did you paint them tow mirrors
N Hosto
Got a link for those fans and radiator?
Octavio Guevara
Where did you get those side view mirrors ?
Robert Mcgee
If it takes these mods to equal a 6.0, why not just start off with a 6.0 ? Mod the 6.0 instead.
Matthew Galano
Using the factory box with an upgraded filter and larger intake tube gives you better numbers than a cone. Cone still sucks heat from under hood... but good try.
Screws Loose Performance
Nice hot air intake.
After market coils will do NOTHING for you
Gabe Ulrickson
I guarantee that trans has been replaced or rebuilt. They usually give out at 300k
vincent abbruzzese
Stock coil packs are better then msd... and go with the NGK tr6ix spark plugs... with a set of Taylor or ac delco wires...
Caleb Willhelm
Lol engines are just a giant air pump... lolololol stfuuuuuu
Big Chucker
I did a cam, full exhaust, S&B cold air intake plugs and wires and a tune in my 05 Sierra crew cab z71 and it’s a complete different vehicle. Beats a ford Ecco boost in the quarter mile 🤘🏻
Jose Puente
Your slow my truck is on 44 has a 4.8 fully build runing 10 at the track.....
Hector Soria
Will these work on a Tahoe
God shut the fuck up,,who cares about your birthday? Stop waisting my time with your junk truck.
skyjumper84 XRP
Can you do a video on how to grow that Taliban beard but also be American while driving a chevy and having a country accent? 🤯
David Campos02
Can I do the same mods to my 4.8?
Kande Flores
Can you said what kind lift kit you have
Troy Anderson
How much more horsepower do you have now
JoeBlue 2188
Why tf do you smack your damn lips so much bro seriously!?!?!😂😂😂
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Air Intake vs. Cold Air Intake - Summit Top 5 Performance Mods For 5.3 Silverado or Sierra 1 day ago   01:46

On this episode of Summit Racing 101, Al discusses the pros and cons to installing a cold air intake, and reviews the differences between cold air intakes and stock air intakes. Click to check out our selection of cold air intakes: