Top 5 Performance Mods For 5.3 Silverado or Sierra Air Intake vs. Cold Air Intake - Summit 2 months ago   14:00

Dyno Results-
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Cold Air Intake

Exhaust Video:

Trucks Modifications
22x12 Fuel Forged FF19 -51
35x12.50 Toyo Open Country R/T
Rough Country 4" Lift
True Dual Exhaust with X pipe
Tuned with Diablosport i2

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DYNO VIDEO on these mods link is below
kyle paul
I need some help with my truck please thank you
kyle paul
Hey get headers too
michael scott
Can I dislike this video more than one time?
Keith Rose
6 minutes in. No its not a max. Its a hopped up 5.3. Poser.
Mason Torres
Sick truck man...have you ever had any issues with the service 4x4 message coming up on the dash?.i appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks
Justin Coleman
Which tune did you go with
My fan clutch was froze. The fan was on full blast from the second I turned it over till the second I turned it off. Sounded like a semi when I accelerated. Replaced the clutch and now the fan is only on for a minute or two right when I start er up. Turns off when the engine starts to warm up
Ty Law
Just fyi, there should have been 2 pieces of that rubber stripping . You are supposed to put part of it under your intake tube / mass airflow to keep the heat shield from rubbing a hole in either of them. Just a heads up
Leave it to a guy who has a basically stock truck with some bolt ons and a lift to tell people about power mods lol

I came expecting dude pushing 900+
Along with a 6.0 you also get 4.10s front and rear. That makes a Huge difference in towing
Diablo Racing
4.8 fbo cammed 🤘🏻
German Nava
My 2008 5.3 has vvt/afm delete ls7 lifters valves springs a stage 2 cam and street tune .
Random Moustache Guy
Lol. 2000 gmc almost 300k and it absolutely smokes the tires. Stock too. You sir just cant do a burnout sorry to say it
Joey Joe
I did everything you did on my truck but I put headers and I got a custom tune you'll notice a big difference with a custom tune
Justin Latimer
What is your rear end gear ratio?
Jordon Edwards
Dude just get to the mods.
Dillon Powell
Hey man can you get with me on the shift points you used I'm trying to help my wife's Tahoe get better power and fuel mileage im using the super chip tuner
Nathan Birdsell
Bad ass truck man I love it first video I watched of yours. That is a beautiful beast.
Rick Tennant
5.3 all the way
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Air Intake vs. Cold Air Intake - Summit Top 5 Performance Mods For 5.3 Silverado or Sierra 2 months ago   01:46

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