Top 5 Performance Mods For 5.3 Silverado or Sierra Air Intake vs. Cold Air Intake - Summit 5 months ago   14:00

Dyno Results-
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Cold Air Intake

Exhaust Video:

Trucks Modifications
22x12 Fuel Forged FF19 -51
35x12.50 Toyo Open Country R/T
Rough Country 4" Lift
True Dual Exhaust with X pipe
Tuned with Diablosport i2

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DYNO VIDEO on these mods link is below
Matt Leonard
Guess what. These trucks with 1000hp still use the stock oem coils. They’re by no means holding the engine back.
Is that a Cleeter McSkeeter shirt??
David G
F all those phony $$$$ rip off mods's the top 5 mods : supercharger, tune, supercharger, tune, supercharger
camaro fan
What type of odometer do u have on your truck
Jay Ay
Oscar Torres
Best cam for 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 ? And cold intake?
Dustin !
Dyno it and dyno a 6.0 then listen to your own video.
Clarke Fischer
What mirrors are those?
Michael Ford
Modifications work on a van?
Cam Crysler
have a video on details on the tune?
Keep Up With Kinnon
If its just a badge why did you care so much to change it? Badging 5.3 as a 6.0 and an eBay intake as K&N is disrespectful to the companies that work hard to build a quality product. It hurts their reputation and makes you look less genuine.
Noe Lopez
All ricer mods
Dels Transs
Great vid ,Question does a 2000 Yukon have the TM ?
Maurauder 67
13:59 of my life wasted
What was wrong with it? If I power brake mine, it spins for days. It has 340,000 miles on the original engine yet...
Looks like your muffler bearings need replacing.
Ricky Rodriguez
Full of shit
hvac montreal
Malaka with sunglasses
Derek Wood
You talk too much. Shut that BS down.
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Air Intake vs. Cold Air Intake - Summit Top 5 Performance Mods For 5.3 Silverado or Sierra 5 months ago   01:46

On this episode of Summit Racing 101, Al discusses the pros and cons to installing a cold air intake, and reviews the differences between cold air intakes and stock air intakes. Click to check out our selection of cold air intakes: