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The Next Conversation: Powering Customer | India's Best Gk (General Knowledge) - At Up-Tube.com

The Next Conversation: Powering Customer India's best gk (general knowledge) 2 days ago   45:12

G Suite
We can now understand what customers are saying and typing - enabling transformational experiences. Chatbots, Virtual Agents, Agent Assist, Agent Augment all use conversational AI to efficiently deliver transformative customer experiences. Humanlike understanding and speech capabilities can be applied across every industry and every channel - whether it’s in your contact center, apps, IoT products and more. In this session, attendees will learn how Dialogflow Enterprise Edition and the Cloud Contact Center AI partner program support the creation of rich, natural-sounding, and powerful conversational experiences. We’ll also discuss how you can easily integrate conversational AI into your existing technology and workflows - no machine learning experts needed.

Powering Customer Conversations With AI → http://bit.ly/2Ka1rw7

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Speaker(s): Adam Champy, Shantanu Misra, Robert Neff, Neil Gomes, Kanan Garg

Session ID: MLAI209
product:Dialogflow Enterprise Edition,Cloud AI,Cloud Contact Center,AI; fullname:Adam Champy,Shantanu Misra;

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India's best gk (general knowledge) The Next Conversation: Powering Customer 2 days ago   08:57

This video contains best general knowledge questions-answers of India

This channel is basically for competitive exams like SSC, PSC, RAIL, BANK, POST OFFICE, LIC, UPSC, CGL etc. General Knowledge(GK) of this channel which will increase your knowledge and sharp your brain.

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