JRE MMA Show #54 with Din Thomas The Alex Jones EXCLUSIVE: Trump 2 weeks ago   2:53:37

Joe is joined by co-star of "Dana White's Looking For A Fight" and coach at American Top Team, Din Thomas.

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Kazekage XenoBroly9000
Amanda didn’t fuck up Valentina 🤷🏾‍♂️my opinion Valentina was the closes too beating her
Double Din
Whiskey tit
never heard of this dinneer thomas
Gavin Parsons
Din “I Know” Thomas
Mathieu Laverdiere
I really enjoyed this podcast, invite him more often, maybe a fight companion would be cool!
The Irish Elk
What’s the drug documentary Joe mentioned in this episode I can’t find it
Din may be an Ambivert (Introvert & Extrovert)
Not hotdog
Joe Rogan, you do a great Elon Musk impression. 0:40 or so.
Thanks for the vid.
Bring back Jimmy Smith
Deepak R
I love Nick the tooth but din Thomas made the show even better, him and Matt are the best
Balal Raza
Should have my momma on this show......she been whooping ma ass for years....
I'd pay the Diaz brothers too. Great talent, very entertaining.
Jacob Gaitan
Boy pablo is awsome
Cole Taz
Do you guys consider Yael Rodriguez an MMA practitioner/artist??
is that Kanye
Omg 1:37:00 to 1:40:30 so awesome. Fedor talk. And the Monson comment is the stuff of legend. Hahaha.
David Pinkerton
20/5 = 4* Great knowledgeable and entertaining guest!
Kevin Mystic Mac Lee
Did Joe call Ronda strong minded?
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The Alex Jones EXCLUSIVE: Trump JRE MMA Show #54 with Din Thomas 2 weeks ago   14:34

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