Conor McGregor-Jose Aldo is back UFC 229 Conor McGregor vs Khabib nurmagomedov 3 months ago   11:09

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Jared Cannonier Pans to KO Silva,

Ariel Helwani on Anderson Silva vs Jared Cannonier,
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Anderson Silva on retirement,
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Matt Serra on Aldo vs Volkanovski,
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Rose Namajunas on Andrade,
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Conor McGregor acusses Aldo of taking PED's

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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BTW Who you got?
Namajunas vs Andrade
Aldo vs Alex Volkanovski (Alex is on a 16 fight win streak)
Silva vs Cannonier
AJR Superstar
Conor should be back in the octagon
2:16 forget something here?
I'm your REAL dad.
Khabib vs Ben Askren is the only fight I want to see now....
Khabib Nurmagomedov
I hope mc gregor e
H2O music
just shut up Conor
John Adams
Connor who?
I don’t think Anderson looks good AT ALL.
Love Aldana
That was my very first thought when i watched the weigh ins against Volcanovski. hes looking juiced again
Hans Yolo
Like he was never on the juice !! Conor is getting unbearable. Desperately trying to be relevant. Rapey little coke pixie
This has been bothering me for years about Ariel. He is a bureaucrat. He sees the prize fighting game. He sees the social media and silly talk but doesn’t understand these guys outside there paychecks and T-shirt sales. Guys the Anderson Silva will be competing in BJJ tournaments when he’s a senior citizen. On one hand he’s a competitor and on the other he looks back to see at times he was given opportunities and he wants to give young fighters that same opportunities while at the same time testing his metal. He doesn’t need to fight Weidman again because he’s got his answer. He doesn’t need a gold belt because he’s his own title. There’s a division champ then there’s the legend. He is and always will be the 185 legend. Long after he’s gone we will all remember his legendary performances
Occifer FigPucker
Conor can SAY whatever, when they FOUGHT.. He submitted. Period.
Caught In Thought with Blackie Chan
I have watched this ending so many times. 🤣🤣🤣
Gordon GG
Least connor was clean of steroids # Russian s
Matthew O'Shaughnessy
Conor has made such a dramatic switch from greatest trash talker in the game to some annoying person on twitter. Khabib broke his legacy. STFU bro, lay off the yeyo, and win a fight not a twitter war that does not exist.
Conor just needs to fight and stay off Twitter he’s making himself look worse and worse.
So tired of twitter warrior Conor, we want the fighter Conor back
Pete Dela
1:15 either volkanovski is shorter than 5"6 or aldo is not 5''7 something is not right lol
Kyle Scott
Damn Connor is a salty little bitch
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UFC 229 Conor McGregor vs Khabib nurmagomedov Conor McGregor-Jose Aldo is back 3 months ago   19:38

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