Los Angeles From Above in 4k California Coast Road Trip 5 months ago   03:55

Sloan Fischer

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adib mc
Very Nice
Eddie Kobin
It's always nice to go home
Eddie Kobin
I like visiting places but then I like going home too
Rayjano Alpha
I Made a school project with this video :) Thx dude
Marco Ungaro
wow !! real video my friend ! I'll be in LA this summer with my drone .... can I fly normally ? Just looking at DJI zone ? or I need something more ... I'd like to fly in venice/st Monica, Griffith, Echo park, hollywood Hills..... Let me know please !
Must Do Travels
Wow. This is awesome video of this place.
Guiel Escobar
Love LA
William Iron
Los Angeles is full of assholes.
x i l l e R
Gta v and la just have a special place in my heart wish i could move to! But hey i am grindin coming soon! 🔥🖤
x i l l e R
I fell in love with la 🤦🏻‍♂️❤️💜
Leylah Samimi
LA ❤️
Carmary Duke
I envy those who were raised with the ocean and mountains so accessable.
Emiliano Emiliano
Mulholland drive.....
Helicia M
Which drone are you using my man ? thanks for your answer and keep up the good work :)
Awesome editing.
You make looking LA so beautiful. Heard different from friends who went there.
sharan m s
Congrats👏 good videos thanks las angels
Just Cade
LA/Southern California is very geographically beautiful, the way it sprawls from the beach all the way to the mountains. Downtown looks so tiny amongst the sea of neighborhoods that stretch out for miles in every direction.
Unspoken Comedy Blourr
The name of the song
Jose Luis pepe
Esto no es 4k atontao
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