Los Angeles From Above in 4k California Coast Road Trip 2 days ago   03:55

Sloan Fischer

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new armenia
Rajitha Buchaiah
All the scenes are too short. In maximum only 3 seconds.
Luxury Explorers
I planning move to live in Los Angeles, do you have any recommendation ?
Ben Bilbrey
I like how you have the names of the places in the corner. It's a nice thing to have. 😁👍
Steve Kimble S.
Your title says 4k and yet highest resolution is 1080p?
can i use this on a video
Born in Queens NYC raised in Jersey.
Hope to move to California in the next couple of years, can't wait!
Dario Pendrive
heaven on earth, sure if you got money.
Yung Faness
That Light House way out round that ocean
Yung Faness
Damn aLL that damn Traffic
Yung Faness
That big ass HiLL
Yung Faness
This Nice a Nice view HoLLywood L.A.
хлоя киллер
I love Los angeles
Isaac Barrett
Wow these GTA 5 graphics mods are getting ridiculous
Thanks GTA V for letting me know about the hoods there
Thank you for this video. I liked it, Subscribe on my channel if you are interested. I reply
L A is my soul
Klaas J
i prefer the 80's quality, then you cant see the aids what LA is.
laima laimiiene
Thank god i live in l.a i am so happy😊😊😊
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California Coast Road Trip Los Angeles From Above in 4k 2 days ago   11:22

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