YOU'RE GONNA LAUGH... | UNO Gmod Prop Hunt Funny 1 week ago   32:05

Just watch this! Haha! You're gonna laugh! Watch out! This'll be great! Haha! Don't worry! It's just UNO man!




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Ah so you guys call it soda there in California, up here in Michigan we call it Pop. To each his own I guess. Lol.
Vlad Andronache
this is so confusing
I don't think they realize how much the audience is not gonna laugh...
Krampus' Workshop
Poor Lixian, he does so well on mark's videos, and i feel like he just doesn't get as much recognition as he deserves.
Anonymous 666
The gonna laugh thing so annoying when they repeat it over and over
AlyDragonTamer (Pre account)
Honestly.... All the editors for my favorite YouTubers are my hero's. Especially when they edit themselves or their commentary into the video. It's the greatest and I love them. So shout-out to the editors of our YouTube community! ❤️
Ryan Fairchild
When Mark's editor is the funniest part of the video. Lol
Aaron Johnson
Your gonna laugh
Taco _vivi
*L A U G H*
This may not be see,but....

Hi from Cincinnati Mark and Comp. lol.When will you come back ?
this is my fav uno game, it's strangely soothing compared to the others
True story...I almost killed a wasp....with a Micheal Myers knife :^
*Gives Mark the option to jump in*

Mark: *Not making this mistake again*

*I died inside*
Gay In A Punk Gerard Way
At the part where it says okay stop (around 40 seconds) I accidentally stopped the video and Miley by swmrs started to play...

It fit so well I literally was gonna comment about the good music taste.
I can never hear "You Right" or "You're Gonna Laugh" the same ever again XD
Love to lixian!! I hope he got paid good for all this extra work!
Alex Mercer
Someone needs to count how many times they said laugh
Wade has gotten real sassy lately and I love it. 😂
abhaypal singh shahi
Why u no play with jack no more???

He was definitely more fun than globox😭
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Gmod Prop Hunt Funny YOU'RE GONNA LAUGH... | UNO 1 week ago   16:47

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