NFL "Apologizing" Moments Proper Football Etiquette: Please 1 year ago   03:35

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John Baird
I remember the game where L.T. broke Theisman's leg. That ended Joe Theisman's career.
Keith MacMurray
McCoy apologizing to Ben is ridiculous
Chris Wyatt
Fuck gronk, it's like crazy what am I supposed to do,DONT HIT SOMEBODY WHILE THERE DOWN, YOU THAT STUPID!!!
Michael B
I remember that gronk late hit on white
Marissa Comiskey
Love bears
The worst part about that LT hit was the 11000 replays on MNF that night. Yikes.
Sam GG
IS THAT GREAT! WOW HE APOLOGIZED! THIS IS SO AMAZING! People who play games for a living APOLOGIZING WOW they are on opposing teams but still say sorry! WOW! AMAZING! WOW!
Bruh Lawrence Taylor is even mad during an apology showing 100% sympathy 😂
Bryan Smith
Its always the big guys who are the nicest
Feels good to know that there are still good people out there
Fat Herobrine
They never apologised for NOT playing sweet victory
I hate when football players apologizes for its football you should never apologize
If you do a scummy hit on purpose then you can shove your apology up your hole
Dan Sanger
This must be what Canadian football is like.
Black Prior
Future NFL Ref: "The penalty was declined because he said he was sorry"
Anyone else surprised burfict isn't on here

Yeeeah, me neither
Hyunho Ji
That's the beauty of sports, the bonds you for with others your team and theirs
Nunya Business
Waving for the paramedics to save Joe Theismann's life, isn't the same as apologizing.
Gregg Anthony
L.T. the Man, the Legend.
Lol that SAME gerald mccoy clip is like the only reason this video idea exists on all of these accounts then they find some others to get it to 3 minutes. I'm sorry Ben
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Proper Football Etiquette: Please NFL "Apologizing" Moments 1 year ago   06:56

A deep dive into what exactly is proper football etiquette in the NFL.

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