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Were The New Amd Gpus Worth The Wait? | This Is The Greatest Bank Heist - At Up-Tube.com

Were the new AMD GPUs worth the wait? This Is The Greatest Bank Heist 2 days ago   14:56

AMD has finally revealed the specs of their new RDNA Architecture featuring NAVI GPUs... but was it worth the wait? We also talk about the performance of AMD 3900X vs Intel 9920X... things are getting good!

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jason harvote
I think the prices are to high for the card andi think its because crypto currency amd knows they will make killing and they just try wow with rdna and and game name on it when i think theyre riping people off. Those are nvidia prices they shouldve done rx 680 at 200 dollars.
Andrei Predescu
I don't think AMD will compete at the high-end of the market yet. As you said, most people shop for cheaper hardware, so if they can beat NVIDIA on the "second best" segment at a lower price point, I wouldn't go for high end either. Going for high end means selling fewer better cards. Why do that while you can sell more lesser good cards, but at a reasonable price point?
I get their strategy and I must admit, I love it. Bring us good performance, affordability and I'll buy it.
andola jackson
all I know is I just traded in a ryzen 7 3750h 1660ti laptop, for a 9750h 1660ti laptop. Zen+ is alright but zen 2 IMO better be the bees knees for laptops ryzen 7 I hope amd implements a ryzen 9 for mobile. Both with capability of running cs go in competitive settings, with 120+fps on the integrated radeon vega igpu. So that they can make Zen 2 ryzen rigs, that run on igpu only. That are cheap so that we can finally have a laptop equipped with a 120hz ips panel that can run cs go lol or dota 2. or fortnite etc popular games on lower settings. Or "competitive" esports settings. While maintaining 120+ fps and a 120hz budget ips panel. For 500-600$. Zen+with vega 10 proved this was possible. zen+paired with 1660ti, just made me wish I had a 9750h instead that I could devolt and oc the GPU with. Which I in turn exchanged the ryzen 7 laptop for. Coming from a sandy 2500k 4.5ghz, sata ssd 7990. Pc To this. Im quite blown away. Between both the intel and ryzen 7 performance over my old and now RIP(7990) desktop. Once zen 2 laptops come out in say q4 2019 or q1 2020. I think it will be a game changer. Considering that both laptop cpus perform around 7700k levels in benchmark cpu scores. I mostly game so a laptop I can bring to a friends house w.o anyting but my g305 and 9hd pad....is about where I am as a gamer. Saving up 150$ a month until april for the cyberpunk2077 desktop build. Its why I hope ryzen 9 delivers as far as gaming performance as well as zen2. So I can sell the laptop and towards the desktop, and buy a budget oriented 120hz ips ryzen(zen2) laptop for the on the go cs go dota 2 L4D2 sessions at friends houses. I really hope laptop manufacturers make a couple flagship 13-14" mini gaming laptops with I gpu zen 2 ryzen 7/9 if they announce ryzen 9 for laptops too. Really looking forward to ryzen 7 and 9 zen 2 performance in games. Considering I wont be a buyer until april 2020. Having installed 1903 windows for the ryzen 7 laptop there were noticeable improvements to the laptop, though I still wanted the performance of the intel 6 core. Really hyped for the ryzen 7 and 9 and the zen 2 performance in the eventual notebook processor options. GPU options as far as performance per $$$ I cant complain if they hold true. Really looking forward to windows support for amd processors and zen 2 for gaming in general, and eventual zen 2 in mobile gaming especially.
U suck
Peete N/A
Of course they are worth the wait. Nvidia has nothing in this market segment that can honestly compete. AMD must seize this part of the market and force Nvidia to revise it's pricing policies unless you want to be paying 1K USD plus for every top level GPU from here on out. My next machine will finally be a full AMD build. I've been using Intel based machines since 1996 waiting patiently for AMD to finally get it's shit together. Took 23 years lol.
Brian Clauzel
Appreciate the videos and info!
Лёня Вальтер
There is an option to put nvidia on their knees by adding a crossfire tech for those new cards, if they will have them working like 1 pcie card with full hardware doubling all the cores & memory that will not require optimisation from game developers, they will fuck up nvidia so hard like they never was in the whole history, there must be a plan why they adding this pcie 4.0 to the new motherboards.
At least I'm waiting for the good competition ahead.
daniel hulson
if you listend to the wait for ? people it's been so long you would still be running a ATI HD 4850
Big Smoke
everyone one commenting irrelevant bullshit no one cares
Anubis Thanos
Intel won't be answering with anything mindblowing (or even just equal to AMD) until they can perfect their 10nm process.
Navi isn't even out yet so we don't know how it will perform... specs isn't everything.
Cnn is Fakenews
AMD already answered questions about Ray tracing about 3 months ago with a "included in directx libray as a feature" or something.
I really feel "No" and let down.
Jackson Ornesto
I have the Nvidia 1080 and 1070 they still work great no need to upgrade
I can’t believe someone would pay $1200 for a graphics card.
Mike Soda
Well if Nvidia Super versions of their current cards come out at the same prices that'll knock AMD down again. Which is kind of disappointing but I'm not gonna expect AMD to be neck & neck with Nvidia for a few years yet.
Jeff T
No because they cost the same as Nvidia cards they compete with and lack some of the extra features.

AMD dropped the ball. Used Vega 56 is probably the best value right now.
Scott Margerum
Yeah was bummed about Navi not having rtx capabilities... Still I care more about steady fps numbers in the usable range ... I still am at 1080p until my current multimonitor setup throws in the towel worse than a a $15 power brick replacement...

Hell I also still sporting a water-cooled 980ti and a 3770 overclocked ofcourse because current stuff has not made me need more but it's getting tight...

As for upgrades my next rig is going to likely be AMD also just like my first build an early k62 I built in highschool

... I am still on the fence for graphics card though mainly due to graphics driver horrors as I had an 9800xt and sapphire cards and I constantly had to fight with drivers or just outright not upgrade the drivers because I didn't want to deal with problems that I might not have seen before now smacking me in the face... I think besides performance ....drivers make or break a graphics line...

And honestly I like the fact Intel is getting served as I think they were sitting on their backside milking us consumers with mediocre improvements because no one was making them actually need to move so Props to AMD for coming back to play the game ...

Intel processor vulnerabilitys make me even more frustrated at the fact it's been there so long and they still have not entirely fixed it which is careless as hell as part of me thinking they knew but cared more about performance numbers than making a product more secure
Keyboard G
If AMD is adding hardware for ray tracing next year, there isn’t a point in buying these Navi cards. Doubly so if the next gen consoles are also doing hardware ray tracing.
DontLookAtMyName // Vids
What I like about AMD is that they don't hide where they have less performance and justify it accordingly
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This Is The Greatest Bank Heist Were the new AMD GPUs worth the wait? 2 days ago   07:31

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