Film Theory: What is Disney's Film Theory: Why Pewdiepie's Fiverr 2 months ago   15:56

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Disney isn't quite the creator of happy magical movies we think it is. In fact, Disney makes some of the most DANGEROUS movies out there. At least, if you happen to be a character in them. How many living, sentient creatures die in Disney movies? Which has the HIGHEST death count? Let's get counting!

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Comments 28427 Comments

Orla Grady
i think it will be dinosaurs
In Frozen, Marshmallow lives, we see him in the post-credits scene with Elsa's tiara.
Makenzie Chavez
Im going with the lion king
Amanda Cain
The lion king
Tammy Conner
Lion King
Atlantis, hands down. An entire civilization gets wiped from the map, a few hundred, maybe a thousand die in the submarine.
K1rit0 - Kun
Marshmallow didn’t die.
Gavin Taylor
do a kill count for Marvel
The Film Theory hoodies look friggin' awesome
Joanna Turner
This is definition of dedication!
Alien Veverka
I think it will be Atlantis. Its liiitle bit forgoten movie but i still remeber that there was a lot of people dying. Still it was a good movie one of my favorite Disney movies.
James O'Harrah
That ship would probably have 130 crewmen
Deivi Nika
It's propably Mulan
Meme Material
Marshmallow isn’t dead. In the short movie called “frozen fever”, he’s seen living in Elsa’s ice castle.
Matthew Du
watch dead meat if you want to see kill counts for horror movies
Daniel Hjorth Andersen
what about the incredibles, isn't that technically a disney movie? 3:34 of all the listed films, I don't see the incredibles anywhere. If it was there, it'd have to be between The hunchback of notre dame, and the jungle book seeing as the list is alphabetical. But it isn't. I know that there was at least some people dying in that movie (Mainly all the dead superheroes and in the end syndrome). And what about the dead civilians in the city attack caused by syndromes killer machine, that even the U.S military couldn't do anything to stop? Please! I need answers, my brain is exploding!!
Elle Cox
do theories on the underlying sexuality, racism/xenophobia, etc on original disney films
#Cheetah_ girl24
It has to be "the fox and the hound"
#Cheetah_ girl24
Mickey is a psychopath, confirmed.
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Film Theory: Why Pewdiepie's Fiverr Film Theory: What is Disney's 2 months ago   20:31

The Media vs. Pewdiepie! ►►
The Media LIES! ►►

This is one I wanted to cover 1) because many of you were requesting my thoughts and 2) because I think Pewdiepie's situation can teach us all a lot of things about the nature of comedy and how comedy can be a force for good in the world.

And let me reiterate it here, since I'm sure people will jump to conclusions prematurely without watching the video: I support Pewdiepie. I'm a fan of his. I respect and enjoy his work. I agree with his stance on the media and am constantly infuriated by how they manipulate facts and events to generate headlines with no thought or concern for the impact they're having on people. That said, I do think that Pewdipie could have made his "satire" on Fiverr more clear and targeted, thus avoiding this whole mess. This video is just meant to discuss what went wrong and what could be improved in the future!

Learning is exciting!

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