Child's Play (1988) Chucky's Chucky Vs. Jason Voorhees 2 days ago   07:53

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Chucky finds Andy in the house, Chucky runs after Andy, then Chucky hits Andy with a bat, then Chucky says the chant, then his mom and Mike looking for Andy, then Mike gets a cut on his leg from Chucky, and Mike looks for Chucky then he hit with a bat by Chucky, then Andy's mom shoots Chucky in the leg and gets up, then Chucky says What's wrong gun jammed and Chucky gets thrown into the fireplace, and burnt to a crisp

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Afroditi Akrioti
2019 🤣🤣
sams'k khan
Gathan Albuqhori
sien euy
ايه عادل
يعني انا ابني عمرو ثلات سنوات عم تنزلوا اشكال والعاب مرض بمرض شو هاد
jojo star
Ugly doll

Fuck you😂👊
Mel M
Chucky you are so cute little doll can you do a trick for me
Mohd Asif
Sayda Sosa
عاشقه الانمي
هههههههه حسباكم تخوف
felicity murray
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo weird
felicity murray
noo pls chucky
Esmira Muradova
Çox qorxuludu😨
Maria Mena
terrible mente
Zakki Zahi
في حدا ما يعرف اسم الفيلم؟شكي chucky
Oscar Ntambwe
Si j'avais ce chucky en face de moi j'allais lui tuer grave
بغداد السلام
Rousayla Baghdadi
إن فيلم الدمية القاتلة راءع جدا و يثير الخوف
Оксана Зуева
Artiq evdeki oyuncaqlardan korkcam abi bu nee
ajay mishra
I like horror movies
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Chucky Vs. Jason Voorhees Child's Play (1988) Chucky's 2 days ago   20:55

This is a funny comedy parody sketch where we see two icons meet each other and they are Chucky The Doll from Child's Play & Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th films.

Chucky wants to play hide the soul with Randy but Randy gets the upper hand and stops Chucky. Randy decides to teach Chucky a lesson and drives Chucky to Camp Crystal lake on Friday The 13th in 2017.

What will happen when Chucky comes face to mask with Jason Voorhees? Watch and see! It's Chucky Vs. Jason!

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