How to Invest $540 Mega Millions The Lottery: What To Do If You Win Millions | Forbes 5 months ago   04:55

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Friday's Mega Millions jackpot winner may want to live like a rock star, but advisers say he or she shouldn't invest like one. Jonnelle Marte has details on Lunch Break.
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Simon Bell
Don't do anything in the next 6 months, I'm quitting the next day, lol
They talked about every thing except "how to invest ....."
The woman on the left sounds as if her mouth is full of food ............speak clearly
12345 12345
You "DO NOT" need to invest in anything just leave it in the bank and a few million in your safe at home.
rui santos
640 000 000 that is the number before taxes.
macross 7k
The odds of winning is slim to none. But, you don't win, if you don't play.
Like her advise. Municipal bonds and low risk stocks
Ron Smith
These so called idiot experts always like to say you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than winning the lottery, so can someone please tell me of all the lottery jackpot winners over the decades since the lottery has been around, how many of them has been hit by lightning?
Frank Montez
Yep even so called law of attraction winner Cynthia so so filed for bankruptcy , I guess she didn't " visualize " that . Yes she was overspending , and starting a foundation of some sort and getting her brand new fiance a 2.2 million dollar car . Sheesh text book way to go broke very quickly
Law of Attraction works best. It has nothing to do with odds. Yes the right financial advice team is a must. Always keep God first.
Everytime I come across these videos iplay‼️
Beautiful life
Threelly AI
Eating a peanut butter and onion sandwich to calm the mind whilst watching this.
Sans the spooky scary skeloton
So if more than one person wins lotto jackpot at a time the odds are incorrect am I just in my thinking ? 🤔
Dresdin Archibald
Why do they have to giggle all through the video? I thought the WSJ was more professional than that.
Sonofgod Jesuschrist
Gen V
They also talk about the odds.. But the truth is you have just as good of a chance as the next person....
Kenneth Kirkham
That lady was drunk with the peach sweatshirt
Liane Layman
Winning is not always the blessing people think it is.
Tracey Joyner
I play games like that every now and then. Because I really don't believe in my heart I want to win a jackpot worth 500 million. Man I might take it to the Lottery Commission and never be seen again. They've been then took me in a dark room choke me out and keep my ticket
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The Lottery: What To Do If You Win Millions | Forbes How to Invest $540 Mega Millions 5 months ago   02:05

Hundreds of millions of dollars may be yours if you play your numbers right. Here are tips on how to handle a massive financial windfall.

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