Fortnite needs to nerf the grey TOP 200 FUNNIEST FAILS IN FORTNITE (Part 2 weeks ago   15:24

Fortnite needs to nerf the grey tac shotgun...

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Thomas Cheung
I mean all guns should be nerfed when t fue uses them.
davide bartolozzi
Fortinite needs to nerf you not the grey tac shotgun😂
Clutch Wrecker
Yet again Fortnite are going to listen to tfue and nerf it
The Joker
Imagine if he has a Blue tac. He would be unstoppable
❕You Are Reported By Ninja For Cheating Guns ❕
The Gaf Project
It wouldn’t do damage if they nerfed it again
Epic Shadow
Can I get a rip I had 10 kills and 46 people and got killed by whole squad
Noahs Gaming730
Ur better than Nnja hes a crybaby cuz when He gets killed he reports the Player who killed Him LOL
Bogi Goo
When youre good... the guns dont matter
Ruan Le Roux
Never play Alex legends it sucks so bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zeynep kitir
Do you also fill in ninja you are Ernest best Fortnite player
This dude is too nice
GD Grezzolandia
Absolutely demolished
R. I. P Wicks Head In The Thumbnail
Isla Fifield
Is it me or his graphics are rlly bad
Your Tac-Tics are great !
Bill Oddy
We need to stop shortening words down, tac is another word for junk, i think he means tactical tho
mejor que te nerfeen a ti jajajjajaja
Julian Wyatt Cooke
Sureeee they shoulddddd
Ûñïqūę Bøį
It’s not the gun it’s the player
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TOP 200 FUNNIEST FAILS IN FORTNITE (Part Fortnite needs to nerf the grey 2 weeks ago   43:23

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