Fortnite needs to nerf the grey TOP 200 FUNNIEST FAILS IN FORTNITE (Part 6 months ago   15:24

Fortnite needs to nerf the grey tac shotgun...

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Luke Shinigami
Tfue the dude who literally makes anygun op
JJthraud 08
Fortnite needs to nerf you
Nightmare Ninja
He literally dropped a green ar at 1:53 and got an another one in 1:54
Why didn’t he take the green tac
Next update:we have needed the tac shotgun
CraigsBrother Gaming
Tac Shotguns Buffed-Season 9
Adam TV
Tfue is the best streamer he is better than ninja
Normal Man
is he a fake default or is he a smart default im not a smart default
Brian Mink
God Howard
Why would they nerf my favorite shotgun? That thing has gotten me some high quality kills
The gaming Nugget
Sadly you know that epic will now
My highest kill number was like... 40

On playground servers
Tfue: epic needs nerf a grey tac
Epic: error 808.......
Epic on season9: hmmmm pump
Chris Dogan
“Ha. Whoops.” -Epic
Cevon Clarke
Fornite keep the tactical shotgun in the game
TFUE: Nerf the grey tac

Fortnite: buffs and removes pump

TFUE: this game is actual dog poop
Rachna Chaturvedi
You left blue tac
Whats your opinion on the drum gun returning
Phony R
Me: buff the tac in general to make it more in line with the pump and a shotgun alternate or nerf the pump (cause it's too powerful on console only)

Tfue: gets 3 kills in the first 30 seconds.
Amiel Singo
Sooooooo true man... I keep getting 1 shotted with that thing!
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TOP 200 FUNNIEST FAILS IN FORTNITE (Part Fortnite needs to nerf the grey 6 months ago   43:23

The top 200 Fortnite Fails, WTF Moments & Funny Moments! Fortnite Battle Royale random moments & funny fails compliation!

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