Stray Cat Scratches Window During Cats Waits For The Mailman | Cat Getting 1 week ago   02:19

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While Nathaniel Styer was working from home earlier, he noticed a stray cat started scratching on Nathaniel's apartment window.


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Fathur Rizki
What if the cat is not a stray cat, but the owner intentionality put the cat outside of the house to make this video seems dramatic 🙄
Mike Caldwell
Was that rice and beans that cat was eating?
Pedo means fart in spanish
*Big Chunkus*
Pedo means fart in spanish
this fucked up world needs for people like them
Kathy Reidy
I just moved into a development that has a large feral cat population that breaks my heart! I can't find any rescue group to get these cats and I won't call any organization that will euthanize them. People are getting angry about the urine smell and cat feces all over their lawns. They are being fed but this is no life for them.
Biggus Dickus
even evil and bad human beings like me have to hold back tears
Sebastian Santos
—2% video...
—98% Power Point Presentation...
Diane Anderson
A big thank you to you .
Remmy D
A Chunk of her ear is missing
Ralph Lau
Chunk chunk -.-.-.-.-
Mega Dwipayana
I not have pet and There is lot of stray dog near my house every morning my mom give them food and now i have lot of dog haaaaaaaa
Ralph Pinera
Meanwhile cold homeless people just left the chat
Zuhal Bilkem Karaman
I wish everybody would do the same thing as this woman
Jay KayPop
Things like this make me cry, there’s so many cats and other strays too that don’t get this chance, and freeze to death. It’s awful :(

Bless them for helping the strays around them!💕
unkn0wn Rαge
Thing that make me proud of being a human, is people who love animals.
Berend Kuipers
want to watch and HEAR videos, NOT read them. So I stopped watcging and stop watchtinh your other vids
I love Chunk Chunk 💖
God bless you
Brett Kliethermes
compassion is always rewarded and respected thanks for a Awesome video...
Zero Cool
That's not a snow storm. It's just snow. Furthermore, the story is made up.
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Cats Waits For The Mailman | Cat Getting Stray Cat Scratches Window During 1 week ago   14:45

Cats Waits For The Mailman | Cat Getting Mail Compilation

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