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White House Tour : Inside | The Beverly Hillbillies Mansion: Inside - At Up-Tube.com

White House Tour : Inside The Beverly Hillbillies Mansion: Inside 4 months ago   08:19

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Want to see whats inside the White House? Lets travel inside the white house as a virtual guest. Even you can visit white house, just open google maps and search for white house and enter Street view.
Blog Post: http://bit.ly/UDlcru

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Eddie Bear
I wonder how long it took to get the stench out from the previous tenant from Africa?
Dr Bhupendra Singh
I am indian but wh is very intrested
Punjab Channel.
Indian president Modi is dog 🐕
Summit Strikers
My school has see the video!
Jensen Interceptor
Where is Bill and Monica's room? LOL
King Guyyt
Whats the app?
barbara matic
rosa spanjol
Very nice! But, the music was not..... it was ugly!
Nancy Hobson
The White House: nice, homely
Carol Alexander
I got a headache watching this,,,all the jerking around of the pictures, made me dizzy....should have been slower with softer music....
Syed ali raza Shamsi
Wow great
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I wonder if u could get lost in the white house
que her Mosa es ~♥~~♥~~♥~~♥~~♥~
Scarlett Wilson
The rooms should be labeled.
sr rajeswaran
Painted by Contractor Nesamani #Nesamani
Clorox Bleach
Me : Sees trump around the corner scary as hell
Also me: clicks off video so fast
Ellen Alonzo
It needs to be updated in a bad way, its not pretty like i thought it would be.
Rb Smith
In 1978, I barely remembered into White House. When visiting red, blue, and green rooms. Rugs always rolled up and placed railings. What, I did see something? At Red room wooden floor was worn out so badly. Lot of visitors who have walked over it a lot and left a bare spot that mahogany colored finish from 1952 was gone. Until 1981, I believe during Reagan time have improved everything.
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The Beverly Hillbillies Mansion: Inside White House Tour : Inside 4 months ago   10:46

It's been called the Beverly Hillbillies mansion, the Clampett mansion, the Kirkeby mansion and Chartwell mansion.
Either way, it's a beautiful home and this is how it looks today.
It's currently up for sale but I don't have the 350 million that they're asking for it.
It'd be nice if someone could buy it, preserve it and even open it up to the public, like they're trying to do with the Brady Bunch house.