"Momo challenge" frightens kids, MediaOne Malayalam Live Stream 3 weeks ago   01:32

CBS News
A creepy character called Momo is spreading dangerous messages in videos on YouTube Kids and other children's sites, and parents and schools are concerned. KUTV's Ginna Roe reports.

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Mystery Studios
Ok I saw roblox right in my fAcE
Mikayla Mouser
just found out she’s dead!!!!!! DO NOT REST IN PEACE!
My question is...WTF IS A 5 YEAR OLD KID DOING WITH A MOBILE PHONE? If i was his father i wont let him a mobile till 11 years old
Tomás Geraldis
The MOMO image is real is a japanese sculture but the history is very diferent
sad ball
omg that happen to my brother
Troll kid the best gamer
Bro mono is not real I tell my friends at school but they don’t listen
squidward tentacles
Ever since I’ve seen “momo” for some reason I laugh idk her face just makes me laugh
luiz guilherme moreira sales
this is game Evil hello i am Brasil this happing Brasil
Otaku Kawaii
I noti speaki ingrish
Jisoo Unnie
I'm just laughing because I know an utauloid named momo XD
Those kids should be playing with mud in the back-yard or soccer or anything else rather than spending so much time on the phone, I know its difficult, but if the mother or father has the time to spend with them, they should help them avoid using phones... and problem solved
Paco Real
Passando aqui pra falar que o Flamengo é o maior time do mundo
So... the parents were never paying attention in the first place? Ffs people I thought we forgot about momo already
Fuibanaovivo hehe boy
Momo é Mojang, Mojang é meu ovo
Hazel M
Momo be looking like me when I stub my toe at 3 am and I'm trying not to scream
The Unknown
They're watching 5 minute crafts they deserve it

Its a joke cucks
Lindão Jr
fake news
Lindão Jr
fake news
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