My White Jamaican Dad (Original) | TypiKelly Scottish accent vs Irish accent 9 months ago   03:09

I interview my dad!

CLICK on the CC button to see captions of what my dad is saying translated into standard English.


T W I T T E R :
I N S T A G R A M :
S N A P C H A T : typi_kelly

Thanks so much for watching!

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Kiran Hikaka
Wow so lovely nice
Lee Dent
The Jamaican accent sounds Irish because thousands of young Irishmen were exiled by the British crown after they rebelled in 1798. That's also why many Jamaicans have Irish surnames, because the only people the exiles would've been able to marry would've been black Jamaicans.
Majestic. J
mi really nuh get how uno ago tell this man weh HE deh from like uno deh his muma... 🤦🏾‍♀️ de man seh he from Jamaica. meaning THE MAN BORN INNA JAMAICA! if uno nuh hush and lef the poor man alone and mek him live... jessus faada!😅🤦🏾‍♀️
Nelly Cottoy
He’s spot on since curry goat is so good 😋
You can understand your dad perfectly you have Michael Holding commentating as you grow up. Whispering death no CC needed.
Shani White
Remember bob Marley’s dad was white
mountain dew
I dont believe this white man is jamaican because how come he didnt say "blood claat" or how come he didnt walk with his ass sticking out 2 inches more than other people?
mountain dew
There is a jamaican black man living in england and he speaks in an english accent LOL
Rebekah Brown
Wow my grandpa is white and he's
ghost music
U can't say where in Jamaica u from cos u a lie
Betun Zare
Sounds Irish to I
Dick Cheney
Well no shit, he is going to speak like that if he grew up there, hard to beleive people are surprised. Pretty awesome actually
Pope Gains
There’s white Jamaicans, Chinese Jamaican, Indian Jamaican, black Jamaican look it up.. I have a lot of Jamaican friends and they tell me all the time about this stuff.
Chase إله الشباب
The young women is beautiful
Abigale Gordon
Hi I'm Abigale 😶and I feel like I should apologize for that mean comment I made I'm really sorry😞 if you would accept my apology thank you🙈
Feel and Share
oh lord . nice man , yah man
My uncle was from St. Best and he was white with German descent. My grandmother's father white so she is half white. Out of many one people. Lol, this man is jamaican through and through.
pumping iron
bloody white ppl are obsessed with Jamaica maybe becuase they dont have no culture lol the plain people!
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Scottish accent vs Irish accent My White Jamaican Dad (Original) | TypiKelly 9 months ago   03:55 Scottish accent vs Irish accent (funny).