My White Jamaican Dad (Original) | TypiKelly Scottish accent vs Irish accent 7 months ago   03:09

I interview my dad!

CLICK on the CC button to see captions of what my dad is saying translated into standard English.


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I can’t believe people are still debating whether this man is a Jamaican. The first time I saw this video I knew he is Jamaican because my family is from the hills of Westmoreland where people who look like this man are a common place in a little German settlement called Seaford Town in the parish of Westmoreland. Perhaps a lot of you need to spend some time visiting the little rural areas in Jamaica to get a true understanding of the motto “Out of many, One people”

He has even gone as far as to post follow-up videos to prove he’s really Jamaicans, not that he needed to, and people are still questioning his nationality.
Lyshaunti Martinez
He just sound Scottish
Amilah George
I am shooketh
Jacques Black
Out of many one people. Jamaican people are diverse.
jude Flimn
Im from JAMAICA!😁
Keanu King
He's Jamaican.
I'm a jamaican and he speak jamaican really good
M- Nice
Nice try 🤣
Ricky Martinez
Who is Ryan Swaze?
Carl York
Or Germaicans
Carl York
Not fake at all look up Jermaicans that'll lead you to a tun of other videos about poor rural white Jamaicans who came to Jamaica post slavery as indentured labourers
This shit hella fake
Ali Aldashti
When the black kids call you white
Master Maths
Wow the first white i ever heard speak like this😲
Fartemis Fartmallow
Kinda sounds Irish...or like he’s faking. Never knew there were white Jamaicans lol!!!!
Nathan Soper
Jamaicans are the warmest people? Yikes, as long as you ignore the murder rate
xJordan's Worldx
I belive and dont really bc he might be really good with accents
Sha Sha You
This was awesome!!!
Yoda on DMT
Jamaicans are definitely very open and kind.

Since Britain is about to die thanks to Brexit, I'm thinking of leaving. I wouldn't mind Jamaica since it's where my most of my family are from (the others being Asian) but they're still struggling with the LGBT issue.

I could try Japan but I know literally nothing beyond 'Shinigami'.
Yoda on DMT
I'm of Jamaican stock despite being a middle class, London snob (vegan, cyclist, environmentalist, etc) who only just understands Jamaican speech.

But this guy is 💯% 🇯🇲. Exactly the mannerisms of my family.

I think even kids today of Caribbean descent don't realise that this is how real Jamaicans talk because they listen to 'Yardies', dancehall and that ridiculous London Patios. #JaFaican
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Scottish accent vs Irish accent My White Jamaican Dad (Original) | TypiKelly 7 months ago   03:55 Scottish accent vs Irish accent (funny).