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My White Jamaican Dad (Original) | Typikelly | Scottish Accent Vs Irish Accent - At Up-Tube.com

My White Jamaican Dad (Original) | TypiKelly Scottish accent vs Irish accent 1 year ago   03:09

I interview my dad!

CLICK on the CC button to see captions of what my dad is saying translated into standard English.


T W I T T E R : https://twitter.com/typi_kelly
I N S T A G R A M : https://www.instagram.com/typi_kelly
S N A P C H A T : typi_kelly

Thanks so much for watching!

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Tivan The Gamer
A jamaica that man
Jason Smith
100% real there is a significant white and Asian minority in Jamaica.
Sean Piccirillo
Boyakasha. This mans Jamaican , wtf is wrong with all you wankers. Jamacia isn't an ethnicity. Like America isnt. Unless you're a Native. Wont say his name or where he comes from # Respect
Akeem Jinnah
Real tings g...
Julii Ggy
They are european
Séamus Ó'Catháin
25% of Jamaicans are of Irish decent. The Irish were brought by the British as servants and slaves from the 17th onwards. Maybe he is of a lineage which didn't interbreed between races. Cool accent!
Accent has NOTHING to do with ethnicity. You don't sound the way you do because of biology. Accents are cultural acquisitions that vary depending on where you were born, raised and/or live. You can be a white man who speaks fluent Patwah, or a black man who's a native Swedish speaker.
.. These sounds commin' outta this face.?? Trippin' balls.!!
Amanda S
Old as hell
James C
Cutex!!! LOLLL!! He definitely legit! He also didn't say his favorite reggae artist was Bob Marley.
Oh yeah Yeah
This is just weird bc my best friends dad is Jamaican
Meow Rchl
This is crazy and its so hard to believe it you know?
I was at the clinic yesterday and these two tiny old white women had the THICKEST Jamaican accents, so I Googled it and this popped up! Its like "thats not right😕" lmfao thank you for this.
Blacka Đøn
He Could be a real Irish Jamaican my great grandad was a Portuguese Jamaican so this guy Could Be the Real Deal
Average S4v4g3
Jamaican dat fi real, only a Jamaican would call nail polish Cutex
Sheree - Myers Jones
Shut up Donald trump
Sheree - Myers Jones
Stop mocking Jamaicans n out colour our country our culture learn black skavery black history ur not Jamaican no no no
Sheree - Myers Jones
Stop lie
Benjiman Passi
Billy Boyo Fts Yellow Man_cLash 🎶🎙🎼😎
Romain Baker
Y'all need to read more. Especially those of you claiming Jamaican ancestry. Take a trip to Jamaica and find some white people and listen to them speak. The Jamaican accent was heavily influenced by Irish and Scottish dialects during the formative years of our country. Black people have different vocal cords from white people and so we naturally speak at a lower octave. So the accent among Black Jamaicans which we are most familiar with sounds distinct though similar to Irish and Scottish accents.

White people in Jamaica have preserved the Scotts and Irish inflections because they are the descendants of those people. Just like how black Jamaicans speak with lower inflections because that's the way African languages are spoken and we immitate the way how our parents speak. Jeeez.
i don't why but i'm hearing irish and scottish vibe...
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Scottish accent vs Irish accent My White Jamaican Dad (Original) | TypiKelly 1 year ago   03:55

http://preparetoserve.com Scottish accent vs Irish accent (funny).