How To Make a Helicopter (RAH 66 Comanche) Como hacer un helicóptero con palillos 10 months ago   08:42

How To Make a Helicopter (RAH-66 Comanche) DIY
With DC Motor & Popsicle Sticks

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it dont fly you weasel
Hi does this fly?
The legend Survivalcraft
Que capricho Brother 👏👏👏👏
QL lei
Can you leave us a template?
Asus Live
Hantu pocong
sultan adit
shjhg bagus
RH Al Noman
YouTube для всех
pham hải Đăng
nice helicopeter
John Sikma
I wanted it to fly, nice construction design
dady big
Good by just get to the point
Tanu Solanki
What all materials are needed to make this helicopter and does it really fly's on it's own ?
Narendra Das
Fatah Fikri
Saya kira bisa terbang 😂🔫
Fatah Fikri
Saya kira bisa terbang 😂🔫
Debojit army
Naveed Abbasi
does it flys ?
alwan Alahmad
1000 like
নৈপুণ্যের মেলা
Wow nice idea 👍
Business Wholesale Market
awesome ideas👍👍👍👍
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Como hacer un helicóptero con palillos How To Make a Helicopter (RAH 66 Comanche) 10 months ago   05:33

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