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Best Magician On Britain's Got Talent | - At Up-Tube.com

BEST Magician on Britain's Got Talent 4 months ago   17:13

Magician's Got Talent
Watch the MYSTERIOUS Magician X on Britain's Got Talent 2019. Checkout all of his performances and the judges faces when he reveals him by taking off his mask...
What did you think about his audition?? Let us know in the comments below...

Watch MORE Magician's Got Talent: https://up-tube.com/channel/HPKKajWJ6JGX2o3v3c6TYnCj/ivqrbf

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Magicians Got Talent brings together the very best magic and illusions worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world.

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Remington Duchene
who else thought of micheal myers when they saw his mask?
Krishna Siva
I want this connection in exam with my frends
Erick A
I had love
Ben Rickerson
The square circle trick with the words in them is a pretty easy trick to figure out hahah still neat tho. However we arent truly connected lol
For the circles and squares if you choose any circle it will lead to hope anyways
*no lo entendi wey*
Critical Games
Have a legend from this Video?
Reality MAN
Not real magic just placement of objects and things involving time
Duncan Mitchelson
The voice remembers me of ghost in the shell
Yevgeniy Simonov
In his last performance, all possible combinations lead to the word Hope. The arrangement of circles and squares forces the same outcome for any combination chosen. Quite clever.
There is a brothers do some type a Mont monster or alien or something I do not know what the heck is going on🤩🥳👍👍👍👌
cool or freaky. not sure which way i am leaning. lol
Norm D
king jòshua2.o
ant and dec deserves all the credit
My Name is Gladiator
0:56 of first performance, Hope is clearly written on white sign in black ink, large font and he speaks the word as an integral part of his speech.
5:06 of second performance, "Hope" is flashed on the screen and again he emphasizes it verbally.
5:40 "Amanda, do you think there is any way I could have influenced Simon?" - well she is an expert at magic tricks and the games they play.
Simon wrote the word he told him to write.
13:53 its stupid af thats not a trick any circle u select at first will make u to end in "hope" it doesnt matter in any way what circle u select at first
lucas amter
Ok so this is either staged or real superhuman stuff
X_[Dark Hero]_X
Why does it sound like glados form portal game
farid ajaj
he worked very hard to be a illusioinst an mentalist .......the screen was were the diversion was at .....the mental word is like the card trick with 3 stacks ......both times they sat in the same type of chair MAGNETS ......the liter was a peace of WARM UP PAPER look at the way hes holding it up the balled it up very fast heating paper ....AND def pic was photo shopped ....BUT A VERY GREAT SHOW MUCH RESPECT HES ART AND CRAFT WAS AMAZING
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BEST Magician on Britain's Got Talent 4 months ago   10:05

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