Colin Cloud Is Sherlock Holmes Top 5 Мagicians | Britain's Got Talent 2017 1 year ago   22:15

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Watch America's best mind reader Colin Cloud on America's Got Talent 2018. Is it real magic? What did you think of his mind reading auditions and all performances?? Let us know in the comments below...

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Comments 74 Comments

Evan Denno
Why does he remind me of jacksepticeye
most of it is actually fake
Mel has nice tities tbh
Andrei Marita
Performances that involve the audience always seem so sketchy to me
Mrmudmigs Gaming
he slowly turns more into Sherlock Holmes. the costume, the set. everything.
anonymous Anime
Simon was annoyed😂😂
Stella The Deer 3000idk
at first I thought he said: “hi my name is Collin cloud and I just turned 13”
Sean Griffin
but like everyone was shouting so he could’ve just said he heard white, cat, and Oscar but 🤷‍♀️
15:23 Simon looks suspicious there
Nenrei YT
Lmao Amanda just sat there every time
macash 11
I cant belive it with my eyes specially the last one
Mikki-Draws :3
I thought at the beginning he said his age was 13, and I was like "excuse me?!"
Luigi Badjing
The best part of Colin is...
He don't cursed :)
Everyone in that auditorium is a paid actor
10:22 That other girl, How embarrassing man..
Bilbo Baggins
why isn't this man in politics? He would keep every single politician from lying cause he could blackmail 'em all
he changed the knifes in 13:28
Izzie’s World
Just the that I have a cat named Oscar. I had him before watching this actually
Beckytube MB
Guys like this are fake and the judges and crowd are in on it which is really annoying
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Top 5 Мagicians | Britain's Got Talent 2017 Colin Cloud Is Sherlock Holmes 1 year ago   32:01

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