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Reform - Bringing Injustice To Light | Meek Mill - Bike Life - At Up-Tube.com

REFORM - Bringing Injustice To Light MEEK MILL - BIKE LIFE 5 months ago   2:18:14

Meek Mill

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Pimpstress Texas
Meek how's the Fight going there in Philly? Well Texas is a Beast Too!! The difference is Texas is a Republic! Peep game on the meaning of a Republic State!
Joseph Holdman
Ace Hood
Amen. Free me too
Neiderith Galarza
so sad
Dot Komene
Wow those stats are inhumane..true evil system....
Justin Martin
Free meek mill 2018
Daniel Chirchir
John Drew Friend
Gun charges , selling drugs to kids. But hes a so called famous rapper so he should be Free? Is this video really relating him to wrongfully acused? Seriously people wake up.
How about Kevin gate
Marcel Ebermann
i read that one of the cops from november where the ACAB catch my Bro lies about tHAT MEEK scope with a gun on one officer ... there was no problemes what 4 a whore i hope the hell is open 4 all badass bastard COPs .....FREE MEEK MILL GOD SAVE YA BRO
Melanin Poppin!
Trev e
Ok so if ther is 46% black and 10% hispanic where is the otherbdamn near 50% ??? Same with whites if your runnin around the city selling heroin and crack shootin mfs your gonna gtet lockd up!
N.a.s.a Nolan
free meek
William Coke
This country truly needs reform and there needs to be more laws to hold those in power accountable...Hopefully the apocalypse could be held off if we come together and the prophecy of the Bible is for another time... Because the way the world is going, we never know what God might do... So much reform needs to take place... Celebrities being blacklisted and all... Crazy!... Free Meek Mill! Blessings!
OG sindrah
Here before 100 k views all the way from namibia, trump : nambia, #freemeekmill
Billy TheKid
i hope his peoples is writing him dont wanna lose him in the system they fuck around and clone him he did some dumb shit but it wasnt enough to go to prison for the system is corrupt and everyone knows it divided we fall united we stand strong
Free the Goat #VoiceOfTheYouth. Meek Mill!!!
Johnny McCants
From personnel experience the system is set up for failure. its hard to even get paroled in PA meaning if you get sentenced to 2 to 4 years in PA you have to see the parole board and they decide if you are “reformed”. Real change results in a lot of lost jobs and I’m not confident that PA will do that. PA should do !flat sentences! after I did my time let me be free
Detrick Boucicaut
This made me tear up all we need is change and only change for greatness💯
Ben Whiting
It’s probably because of the way minority’s segregate themselves into all one race neighborhoods and then set about having unprotected sex and committing crimes. White people segregate themselves too but they tend not to ruin the area they segregate themselves to.
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MEEK MILL - BIKE LIFE REFORM - Bringing Injustice To Light 5 months ago   06:24

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