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Open House
Ever wondered what it owuld be like to live on the 92nd floor of a luxury high rise building? Well Inteiror Designer Kelly Behun gives us a tour of her latest project overlooking NYC in the new 432 Park Ave building

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Muller Imóveis Rj
San Bruno Beacon
$40,000,000 penthouse apartment. On top of that, you have property taxes, maintenance fees, homeowner's association fees, and just about every other type of fee or charge that can be thought of to reach into the very deep pockets of whoever buys this piece of NYC with a view. If the prices of expensive residences, such as this one, continue to rise you might recover the tens of millions of dollars that you spend on this beautiful apartment and make a profit. If not, enjoy the view :-)

That being said, whoever can afford to buy this apartment probably isn't worried about the costs associated with this purchase.
Sourish Saha
anyone else thinks this bitch destroyed it with her minimal ugly disaster in the name of designing?
Gabe Ross
yo fuck that interior n shit i woulda done it so different
Paramvir Sandhu
what type of people buy this?😭 like we have doctors and dentists and medical workers who help people and even save lives but only get payed to live in a nyc apartment the size of the bathroom. then we have people kick a leather ball around feild and payed 10 digits and can afford a home like this. discusting if u ask me.
Mrs. Cracker
Get a gay man to design that shit and I bet it will be one of the most well and thought out apartment designs in the world
Robert Vega
2:40 I'm not buying it until they fix that light!
Pamela Kilgore
Very warm and beautiful.
jill springthorpe
Charlie Tanner
wonder what it feels like any sway in building can you tell it?
Dr Nisu Unn
None of these really expensive apparments feels like a home. More like places to shoot porn or something
Lorna Marie
92nd floor tho 😐 what happens when u come back with all your shopping and the lifts broken?
Andre Newcomb
Looks so right. Being able to purchase necessitates a significant budget for art. Very difficult to love your space if 'your space' is only out the window. You know?
No one should even have $40 million anymore, much less get to spend it on a single apartment. Our economy is too fragile.
The best thing about the view is you dont have to see the building
Jeff Geiger
Howard f*** that b**** in the ass and one of those bathtubs
B bo
Tallest in the world? What about the burj kalifa in Dubai? That’s a lot taller.
this chick is a clown.
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