Santa Claus is Coming to Town Jingle Bells V2 | Christmas Songs 4 days ago   1:00:08

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It's a 1 Hour Collection of Kids Classic Christmas Songs like Santa Claus, Rudolph, Frosty, Jingle Bells, 12 Days of Christmas & More. The Songs are Catchy & Easy to Sing Along to. Try it out with your Kids this Christmas Season.

0:08 Santa Claus is Coming to Town
2:41 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
5:18 Frosty the Snowman
7:47 Here Comes Santa Claus
10:56 Jingle Bells
13:50 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
18:12 The 12 Days of Christmas
22:23 Princess Shapes (Christmas)
26:09 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
29:55 Busy Beavers at Christmas
32:53 Counting Reindeer
36:13 I'm a Little Teapot
38:44 Wheels on the Bus (Green Bus)
40:33 Old MacDonal Had a Farm
44:16 Red Hear Song
46:02 Wash My Hands Song
49:05 Campfire ABCs
52:27 Busy Beavers TV Show Song
55:07 Billy & Alligator Watch the Fireplace

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Mary Joy David
Armaan Shoan - West Credit SS (2582)
congratulation on your Christmas music for kids  Busy .
Naveah Munoz
Naveah. Munoz
Meray rainbows
Me 4
Melissa Vian
Stormie Meyers
Stormie Meyers
i love how it like replays after it sings
Steffanie Acosta
Susan Bates
Play music
Tametrius Williams
Lauren Keener
Merry Christmas
Santa is not real
Sherri Holycross
I can't wait for Santa
Carl Jones
I love yiu
Alyssa Raby
Give me a like if u believe in Santa Claus
Alyssa Raby
Love u Santa
Kyla Clements
I love sssssaaaaaannnnnttttaaaaaaaa
Ferida Emillio
Umm why it’s 1 hour
Epic Fang
3018 anyone?
richard mckinney
Love you guys so much better now that I think about
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Jingle Bells V2 | Christmas Songs Santa Claus is Coming to Town 4 days ago   39:05

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Jingle Bells

Dashing through the snow
In a one horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bob tails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to laugh and sing
A sleighing song tonight

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

00:00 Jinlge Bells v2
01:58 Sing a Song For Christmas
03:33 Christmas Is Magic
05:18 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
06:43 Jingle Bells
08:36 Deck The Halls
10:33 Dinosaur Song
12:07 Ding Dong Bell
13:38 Ladybug Ladybug
15:09 Yankee Doodle
16:36 Old King Cole
18:05 ABC Undersea Song
19:37 2 Little Dicky Birds
21:07 4 Seasons Song
22:29 Wheels On The Bus V10
24:20 Number 1 Song
25:48 Polly Put The Kettle On
27:19 Number 2 Song
28:44 3 Blind Mice
31:03 Being Kind To Each Other Song
32:39 Where Did You Go?
34:23 Number 3 Song
35:53 Song About Planes
37:21 The Little Blue Whale

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