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Episode: Funk

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Craig Robinson
What's Cleveland hurry up come back
Craig Robinson
Yay I wish the shows okay to come back on
Just MySelf
Hey, can you please post the scene where Santana talks to Dani about being lesbian in 5x02? I cannot find it anywhere!
Tracy McGwier
Amazing video
Kelechi okoroafor
bruh quinn should have quieted down even rachel didnt say anything
Glee season 1 was so good at tackling serious topics in sensitive ways
Rio Blue
When he said put ‘funk’ into a sentence I wish one of them said FUNK OFF
“ Shut it puckerman” I love them😂
Anna Jeyachandran
Quinn is adorable
Sam Sticka
You uploaded this scene 3 years ago.
Natalia Paliza
tell me I'm not the only one who gets tired of will lessons. Like I can't even listen to him sometimes
Jacob Braun
can you add more glee scenes from blane and rachel
Javiera Silva
I love that Quinn calls out Mercedes for being racist
Maddy Charlton
I love this show
Julia Ponte
I'm so depressed I've worn the same outfit twice this week 😂😂 c'mon everybody loves this quote

Edit:Lol thanks for the likes 💖 it's weird that I never got that much likes before ?
Quinn is so cute.
Akshay Peddada
New directions 🧭 getting funky for life.
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Glee - As If We Never Said Goodbye Glee - Will Announces They 1 day ago   04:54

Kurt singing As If We Never Said Goodbye

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