Can We Create Artificial Gravity? The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves 9 months ago   06:34

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Thanks for watching! I actually had an early version of this ready last week. Which you can watch here on my second channel:
I decided, with the help of my Patreon supporters, that it wasn't good enough. Have a few ideas for my next video. Space X is winning right now. What do you think? I may try to work on two videos at once this week.

Woops forgot the math:
The equation is a=(w^2)*r where a is the acceleration, w is the angular velocity and r is the radius.
First we must convert RPM to radians per second. There is 2(pi) radians per revolution and 60 seconds in a minute. So one RPM equals 2(pi)/60. We then simply enter these values into the equation. For our first calculation on space station v we get a=(0.1047)^2*150=1.65 ms^-2


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The Great Pyramid Erection
It doesnt need to be a ring. The same effect could be accomplished with 2 tethered masses, you wouldn't even need a structure in between as tension would maintain trajectory. Take 2 rockets and tether them together, and fire them in opposite directions. Cheap and easy gravity.
Ceres Lauron
Alluminun is most abundnat metal on earth its just hard to extract
Ceres Lauron
Alluminun is most abundnat metal on earth its just hard to extract
Meadmaker 452
The other large problem, not mentioned in the video, is that you need a fixed point, a source of leverage, around which to create that centrifugal spin. All of the spinning objects shown in the video are attached to something at the middle, allowing the outer structure to spin. In space, there would be no point of leverage around which to spin. Even if you put 1000 rockets around the perimeter, all facing and firing in the same direction, you wouldn't be able to control the oscillation in a single plane, which would be needed to keep it stable, and the structure would likely rip itself apart from the massive torsion created by the uncontrolled oscillation.

If you could somehow overcome all of these issues, then centrifugal force could absolutely create the kind of artificial gravity in space that was proposed in the video. Unfortunately, I have yet to see or hear a good solution for the aformentioned problems, so it remains a largely moot point.
Mitchell Schubbe
The centrifugal governor is the source of the expression "balls to the wall".
Intentionally SpacedOut
Where’s the evidence of the ISS being assembled in space? Records of the 36 launches? Not on the FAI website, I can tell you that!
This is why flying saucers were in a shape of disks since the rotation would generate gravity for them inside.
Liberty Walk
Well now you need to fix your computation cuz elon musk is just created a reusable spacecraft which will greatly reduce cost.
Jeffry Anderson
Okay. Says centrifugal force is real, but only if we lie to ourselves and use funny reference frames. Seems real to me. Lmao.
Yomomma Pranked
Acceleration isn't directly proportional to the distance from the centre of rotation, rather it is inversely proportional - where an increase in distance will invertedly reduce acceleration. The formula; mv^2/r is here for reference.
Vic Rattlehead
This will happen once we colonize the moon and have infrastructure there to produce metals. Then the launch cost go way down.
Fuglsang Gaming
i love you i where making a school project and i could use this so thank you
Fuglsang Gaming
im a angry mob and this is not true
Yeah great Idea rob earth of material which = mass, which gives us a specific Gravity, which keeps us a specific distance from the sun. Yeah and NASA is smarter then me, ha ha
at 1:36 what they do not explain is that he is in "effect" walking up hill (in the centrifuge) the whole time
See an amazeing video of a spaceship concept with this type of artificial gravity:
Build Halo...
Silvia Brogi
The cheapest solution would be to produce and launch elysium 3D printed and assembled from a factory based on Moon.
Hundred cross Boy
I am trying to make a antigravity device
We’re living on a space ship. Why are we looking towards space when all the answers are beneath our feet. Answer: Because the truth is hidden. Can’t wait for the younger generation to take over.
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The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves Can We Create Artificial Gravity? 9 months ago   09:07

A head-vaporizing laser with a perfect wavelength detecting sub-proton space-time ripples.
Huge thanks to Prof Rana Adhikari and LIGO:
Here's how he felt when he learned about the first ever detection:

Thanks to Patreon supporters:
Nathan Hansen, Donal Botkin, Tony Fadell, Saeed Alghamdi, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal
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A lot of videos have covered the general overview of the discovery of gravitational waves, what they are, the history of the search, when they were found but I wanted to delve into the absurd science that made the detection possible.

When scientists want one megawatt of laser power, it's not just for fun (though I'm sure it's that too), it's because the fluctuations in the number of photons is proportional to their square root, making more powerful beams less noisy (as a fraction of their total). The smoothest mirrors were created not for aesthetic joy but because when you're trying to measure wiggles that are a fraction the width of a proton, a rough mirror surface simply won't do.

Filmed by Daniel Joseph Files

Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Black Vortex" (appropriately named)

Music licensed from Epidemic Sound "Observations 2" (also appropriately named)