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Get-Along Underpants - Ahwu For May 27Th, | Rt Cut Short #66 [May 2019 - Week - At Up-Tube.com

GET-ALONG UNDERPANTS - AHWU for May 27th, RT Cut Short #66 [May 2019 - Week 1 day ago   17:09

Achievement Hunter
Thanks Honey for sponsoring today's episode. Get Honey Free at http://joinhoney.com/ahwu

It's AHWU 475! Ryan cuts things in half, Jeremy get's a whistle, and Jack get's giant underwear.

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Comments 287 Comments

Thorhayo ツ
What’s their address
Everyone able/willing, send them deep fryers, make them regret their wish!
Sarah Weisters
I swear every crazy/potentially dangerous thing Ryan does whenever he randomly appears in an AHWU just makes me love him even more.

Also, some time, Trevor's gotta make him actually host at least ONE of these. At least one.
Michael smh.
Mason Cook
Jeremy and Geoff should have a book club
Mason Cook
Someone needs to give them a deepfryer for ready set show
Fran The Man
I’ll order one if loudest whistles for you guys
Great, now they have Stands because of the Tarot Cards. Yes it's a Jojo's reference.
Jojo taro cards
Beremy is growing back nicely.
Miss Vidzy
Hide that whistle from Gavin, the bird noises that could come out of him through that whistle would shatter every pane of glass in a 10 mile radius.
I didn't think I'd see Jack hold deadliest catch again
Not usually that interested in merch, especially not board shorts... but then I saw SUMMER BOIS
Pastor of Muppets
Everyone: "Poor Sarah! They treat her so badly"
Me: "God, I wish I was insulted by the AH crew like Sarah, she's so lucky"
Please just stop with the intros. Specially the ones with suddenly screaming crowds. It's always annoying to try to skip to the spot where the video actually starts.
Lexi Fantz
Hey I'm headed to Spain for study abroad, so I can get that sweet AHWU intro
am i the only one getting distracted from the video because of Jack's nipples
I clicked on this video just to confirm that Jack didnt have that many tattoos.
Noob Noob
Will There be an AH Hot Dog Stall at RTX ???????
Youtube Monetization
You guys should put any bills from different countries on the wall where the sword rack was
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RT Cut Short #66 [May 2019 - Week GET-ALONG UNDERPANTS - AHWU for May 27th, 1 day ago   08:35

The goal of RT-Cut Short is to recap some of Rooster Teeth's memorable moments from the previous week(s) and to possibly get people interested in the videos they may have seen or missed. I want RT-CS and how-do-words-good? to compliment each other every week.

If you would like to support my editing efforts: https://www.patreon.com/HemboHero

This is not endorsed by Rooster Teeth in any way. Views, opinions, and thoughts are all my own. Rooster Teeth and Rooster Teeth shows are trade names or registered trademarks of Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC. © Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary | Play Pals - 3:19(team kill), 17:23(sword), 18:30(hog)

MIRACLE ROBOT GUN - RT Life - 1:09(chest), 2:13(brutal burnie)

On The Spot #169 - 1:28(growling), 8:24(howling)

BEEFING UP SECURITY - Between the Games - 2:12(gavin is not brave), 2:52(drill bit), 3:41(break=fired), 3:58(stripped)

IT'S ALL BUSTED - Worms Battlegrounds - 11:05(swing and a miss), 22:30(he tried so hard)

INFLATABLE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - Between the Games - 1:30(we can drop this bit), 4:12(poor fridge), 7:02(test x2)

The Long Dark Parts 1 - Let's Watch - 10:40(jeremy's sad sad sad he drinks)

Hide and Seek RT Life - 4:06(barb and blaine reveal)

Podcast #545 - 5:36(hidden patties), 9:44(what is that?), 25:57(gavin's), 27:38(blood and sauce), 29:10(we've done the bit), 49:14(mcblood)

Dark Deception (Chapter 2) | Play Pals - 14:15(gavin saves the video)

Minecraft #365 - 4:30(bone name nope), 36:01(how much it hurts to be matt), 43:20(panda), 58:11(gasp x3), 1:02:39(lot of faith in ryan)

DO YOU WANT A BALLOON? - Gmod TTT - 58:05(trevor staring at the C4)

Generation Zero - 23:05(propane pop), 32:55(again)

WE WON'T GO QUIETLY - GTA V - 37:10(gavin having too much fun)

NO SCOPE BUNKER BUST - Worms W.M.D. - Worms MAYhem - 18:09(amazing snipe), 27:58(sheep fail), 30:43(where the sheep went), 44:57(wrong button)

The Red Dragon Inn 2 (Part 2) - 25:16(exodia), 26:35(no... to exodia)

Off Topic #182 - 34:50(alfredo will bust), 55:07(GET OUT SQUIRREL!), 1:13:33(trevor wants to gain weight)

Off Topic #180 - 1:45(so much face), 27:07(thumb jeremy), 30:53(like sonic)

Worms W.M.D. #8 - 14:04(omg strike)

Always Open #103 - 44:01(awkward chris), 53:40(group photo)

Podcast #544 - 15:17(NNNNICE), 16:25(burnie is E.T. and a lollipop), 18:36(hotdog head), 19:45(hair colors), 1:00:36(modern heroes)

Off Topic #28 - 14:41(green key fun)

On The Spot - #170 - 3:10(the bell), 4:44(team names), 5:29(hungry), 11:28(the chase), 11:55(warm darkness), 22:55(SNACK TIME), 37:37(NOOOOO)

Off Topic #181 - 1:46(DHD), 42:12(leakage), 43:20(SHOTDOG), 37:49(ryan is talking), 49:21(ryan is talking), 52:29(michael isn't happy), 53:26(trevor is finally listening)

Minecraft #364 - 10:22(phantom and matt dies), 19:19(arrow flare), 20:49(gavin's violent death), 23:44(endermen end), 26:50(goodbye laughs)