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The Struggle Of China's #metoo Movement | Chinese Feminists Don't Know - At Up-Tube.com

The struggle of China's #MeToo movement Chinese Feminists DON'T KNOW 4 months ago   03:05

DW News
A young woman lands a prestigious internship in a big company. Works with an entertainment icon, who then sexually assaults her. And she is forced to shut up about it.
Well, Zhou Xiaoxuan didn’t. The 25-year-old Chinese screenwriter has spoken out saying this is what happened to her at China’s state broadcaster CCTV.
She accused this man, iconic anchor Zhu Jun of sexual assault. Since her allegation last year, Zhou has been slapped with a lawsuit and has been targeted on social media.
But she’s also become a symbol for china’s fledgling #MeToo movement. Our correspondent Mathias Bölinger met Zhou Xiaoxuan in Beijing.
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#MeToo #China

Comments 25 Comments

Siddharth Kumar
Stop corrupting china with evil feminazism
Texas Trad
The Chinese hate two things about the West above all other things: Political Correctness and Feminism
Tsar Alester
#MeToo in China. Very funny 🤣😂
Amuse yourself
Using her victimhood as a resource of her own power, in this case is for her own monetary gains for that which is the 'compensation' for sexual harassment if she do win at the court.
Hmmmm... anyone else wondering if did she 'bait' the man herself? It is a possibility, no?
nitz vision
In china it's legal to exploit girls ...that's why you don't see it on statestics
anatoli p
Good job china you don't feminist disease in your country.
Look at these sucker media trying so hard smear China! China has 80% self-made FEMALE billionares of the whole world! Chinese women have the highest working percentage in the world! All due to Communism!
Steve Laurent
Good luck young lady!!
Thelonious M
I think #metoo may be the least of Chinese citizen's concerns. people arrested for singing the national anthem incorrectly, arrested for mentioning June 4th, arrested for sending picks of pooh bear........#metoo can stand for just about anything in China never mind sexual assault. At least Zhou Xiaoxuan isn't in jail........yet.
Tell me a story about rapes happening in west. #metoo story about Germany
Sullyz World
Yes but there's is for organ harvesting. Not pervs
Good luck Zhou! I hope you whoop his butt in court. I hope the national conversation continues, and that you eventually don't have these feelings that need to be pent up inside.
Ernest Kwok
well done, lady! speak up if it's against your will!
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Chinese Feminists DON'T KNOW The struggle of China's #MeToo movement 4 months ago   02:35

Feminism means different things to different people. But China's state-run All-China Women's Federation probably has the wrong idea. SEXISM! With some of the most sexist statements imaginable, they'd make the guys on Mad Men cringe. They've coined the term, "leftover women," women who turn 27 but still aren't married. Yeah, that should give you an idea of what we're dealing with here.

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