Robin Williams Receives Cecil 1986: Jonathan Winters and Robin 2 days ago   05:47

Robin Williams is presented with the Cecil B. DeMille award by Mike Nichols. He thanks the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for acknowledging comedy, his family, his assistant, and many others.

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Humble. Genius. One of a kind. Forever loved and remembered.
I pray for his comfort and peace. You were an awesome Peter Pan dear man.
Pia Zadora. LOL
Carolyn Payne
He must have had something happen that made him not be comfortable being himself. He could not be himself. He also had the saddest eyes. He was a phenomenal talent and good person. Love, and R.I.P. Robin Williams.
May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. love and re5pect
Dirk Peters
I was born in '92 and seeing all these people in the audience was awesome.
Shout out to Prince in the audience!!
My life Yours story
On his wife face is : I dont give a shit drop dead ?!?!
So many of these people rode on Epsteins plane... NOT Robin Williams tho! Thank the lord!
No Such Luck
Such a gifted actor! Renowned for his comedic antics, but there was a movie called "Insomnia" in which he plays the part of a homicidal maniac. Well worth watching as it reveals the true scope of his acting abilities!
White Lion
I had a friend that looked like prince, a little taller, always called him Prince
Third Rail
with the exception of his Chris Reeves comment, this speech was total crap.
Tomas P
A true genius.. R.I.P.
Pol Fartin
stop whining, comments. there is ALWAYS someone worse off than you!
David Crandall
"For offering me shelter in the midst of Schadenfreude." Every body laughs but it's not funny. Where does he get this stuff?
David Crandall
Zachary the linguist: "He's gonna to open up and syntax repair shop" What? Where does he get this stuff? That's not funny and he's hard to understand.
Scott Dunnington-Smith
Dear God, why...WHY did we never get the opportunity for a film with Williams and Carey working together??
Angel Simone
I can't understand why he killed himself! He had so much to give and so much talent and comedy he was a funny guy.
I have never seen in the show biz anybody more comfortable and not shy like Williams giving a speech and jokes in front of all these VIP.....impressing....surely he had authority and probably came from an important family to be so natural and confident
j b
I'm happy he stays out of political stuff as of late.
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1986: Jonathan Winters and Robin Robin Williams Receives Cecil 2 days ago   05:40

Comedians Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams put on an impromptu show for Ed Bradley and the 60 Minutes crew in 1986. Winters, who Bradley described as "the acknowledged master of improvisation," died April 12, 2013, at the age of 87.