HERE'S WHY THE DODGE DEMON IS NOT WORTH Restoring & Building Cars in Mexico 8 months ago   15:23

Speed Phenom
California car dealers are the most notorious out of all the states. Known for screwing over customers, we explore what this experience is truly like as a buyer. The all new Dodge SRT Demon is the fastest muscle car to roll off the assembly line. Advertised as obtainable below the $100,000 margin. This is certainly not the case when it comes to the middleman. Seeking more than a 50% profit margin on this new vehicle, Dodge dealers are not here to make repeat customers, they are here for the big sale.

Coming from an automotive enthusiast, I explain the true manner of the market adjustments. From picking up a Shelby GT350R and GT500 Super Snake, I explain the dealership game, the logic, and what to avoid.
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Adrian the Goat3
It’s. 85000
I like the Demon but I'm not a fan of the wide body. It's not even a wide body, just wide fenders or truck flares
Eric Patterson
Pretty sure the 840 is on higher octane fuel?
mark im
The demon is like the fordGT purchased 140k sold 500k...15yr later..if you don’t drive it too much..yet I’ve seen modded ford Gt’s sell for 650k or even a million for undriven ones..
mark im
The demon is worth 100k because in 20yrs it will sell for 300-mill
No Name
How did i stumble upon this dork anyways.
Mathew S
You guys are all fucken tweakers it cost that money cause the name and the brand if you wanna pay less go buy a fuckin honda with turbo, fuckboys
Tony M
Here's your problem. You're in California!!! Don't have those crazy markups in Ohio.
officer vlad
Only in california ..cali car prices are insane ,mostly dealer mark up..I paid 45k for mine..
Roger Marsh
Mostly the salesman is just trying to get there high ass commission
Roger Marsh
It is the same as a hell cat except just a slight up grade they should be no more than 50,000
bru Bna
I would buy a house. Some people don't drive it. Sitting their car in the garage. They are thinking about it will hold a value I won't hold a car for 49 years. Waste of time ,money, and space
Robert Stewart
As long as there are Idiots stupid enough to pay way over MSRP. Rip off dealers will ask for it ! They don't give a rats ass about brand loyalty ! You want this car , BEND OVER !
Don Peltonen
Your GT500 is signed by Carroll Shelby (8:35)?? So exactly how does that work ... since he died 7 years before the car was produced?
Richard Stith
That mustangmustang can't couch the dodge demon on the streight track race, it's kicking 95% ass of all cars In It's Class. The money that the Demon ownwers or making at the track is why dealers are marking it up so high!
150k for a vehicle that not even world-class Lol
david johnson
California sucks all day. And your like 12 ?
Jon Mack
The most I would/possibly will pay is 100k. 150 is fucking stupid.
Tony Castle
I rather go rite to the top guy at the stealership, the 1 who really said ya put that on the floor and tag an extra $50k on top, I need to bitch slap him for a quick minute . Your a thief, and your an asshole for paying that. You really wanna brag I paid $150k for $90k already over priced pile of shit. Oh ya did you see the 1 that burnt to the ground at the dragstrip on the line doin a burnout ? That's why it's not worth $150k or even $90k.
mark lind
This is funny. They only made 3300 ever. 300 went to Canada. 50000 markup of 50000 is not unheard of. This guy is so stupid
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Restoring & Building Cars in Mexico HERE'S WHY THE DODGE DEMON IS NOT WORTH 8 months ago   22:45

Save dollars on labor in Mexico. We investigate at "Street Toys" in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. They build Mustangs, Camaros, muscle cars, rods and customs, including the "Viper Cuda" for 2018 SEMA show. Plus, we take a ride in this exotic Mopar - a Viper with a 'Cuda body (only one ever built, so not a 'Cuda with a Viper engine).