HERE'S WHY THE DODGE DEMON IS NOT WORTH Restoring & Building Cars in Mexico 2 months ago   15:23

Speed Phenom
California car dealers are the most notorious out of all the states. Known for screwing over customers, we explore what this experience is truly like as a buyer. The all new Dodge SRT Demon is the fastest muscle car to roll off the assembly line. Advertised as obtainable below the $100,000 margin. This is certainly not the case when it comes to the middleman. Seeking more than a 50% profit margin on this new vehicle, Dodge dealers are not here to make repeat customers, they are here for the big sale.

Coming from an automotive enthusiast, I explain the true manner of the market adjustments. From picking up a Shelby GT350R and GT500 Super Snake, I explain the dealership game, the logic, and what to avoid.
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I brought a Beamer from carvana the best thing I ever did
What!!!!! That’s illegal to do that shit
not my name
Its not the body it's what's under the hood
NG 22
Never buy a specialty vehicle from a dealership always buy these cars from a Car broker you could essentially save thousands
Jozer SS
If you’re gonna pay 150,000 for a demon you might as well buy a GT3RS 😂😂😂
ABarney 15
That’s the one Parker drove I think
KentuckyMuscles Gaming
I can’t stand youtuber’s like you to be honest. You caption your video on why not to buy a dodge demon just because your state and dealerships sell them for overpriced. Clearly your a ford fan not a “car enthusiast”. You are the type of people that make the car industry no longer fun.
Waiting for ES6
Plenty of suckers out there with some money to burn. I won't pay sticker price let alone a "mark up" for any car. People get emotionally attached when they're better off buying USED down the road when they're half price. Let the morons buy into the hype new.
Kevin Thomas
Makes me sick how dealers mark up cars so high for a car
Kristijan Poznić
That chick behind! 👍
King Yete
In my state its 90,000k
Rolando Jimenez
There is a white demon at my local delearship for 95,000 !! I guess is cheap compare to other places
pouya delavari
Literally you know nothing about cars. Don't make videos. Okay kid?
Becerro Duvi
And that’s why it’s still sitting in the dealership they’re asking too much fucking money 140 yeah right they don’t care about the customers no more they only care how much money they can make
Michael McMahon
Yea, but you can’t take it around corners fast like a GT, GT350, GT350R, GT500, GT500KR, etc., etc., and many others without killing yourself! There’s more to performance cars and driving than a straight line! They’re no better than the stock Challengers/Cudas of the seventies for handling! You could buy a used 2012 GT350 AND a used Factory 5 Cobra replica for the price of that Dodge/Plymouth garbage. (And the warranty caveat sucks as well.)

Guess there’s a sucker born every minute! Chrysler’s ALWAYS been into shady business practices at the street level, especially where servicing is concerned. And I for one, have been around long enough to see the trends over the past 40-50 years. The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess!
Torrey Morgan
Sorry to tell you ford fanboy. The 350r isn’t the end all be all. I’d take a demon over it any day.
Freddy Rasheed
I live in Charleston South Carolina, can get a FULLY LOADED DEAMON, 90 grand, ALL DAY, Poor California
Esteban Ceseña Jr. DRUMS
You gotta give it some credit because it can beat other supercars that are more expensive. A little over 2 secs 0 to 60 is crazy good. Once you see the interior and performance you'll see why it's worth that much.
David Strickland
That demon will eat that mustang
Jake Levey
This kid knows what he is talking about I used to work in sales and the markups are crazy
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Restoring & Building Cars in Mexico HERE'S WHY THE DODGE DEMON IS NOT WORTH 2 months ago   22:45

Save dollars on labor in Mexico. We investigate at "Street Toys" in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. They build Mustangs, Camaros, muscle cars, rods and customs, including the "Viper Cuda" for 2018 SEMA show. Plus, we take a ride in this exotic Mopar - a Viper with a 'Cuda body (only one ever built, so not a 'Cuda with a Viper engine).