HERE'S WHY THE DODGE DEMON IS NOT WORTH Restoring & Building Cars in Mexico 2 days ago   15:23

Speed Phenom
California car dealers are the most notorious out of all the states. Known for screwing over customers, we explore what this experience is truly like as a buyer. The all new Dodge SRT Demon is the fastest muscle car to roll off the assembly line. Advertised as obtainable below the $100,000 margin. This is certainly not the case when it comes to the middleman. Seeking more than a 50% profit margin on this new vehicle, Dodge dealers are not here to make repeat customers, they are here for the big sale.

Coming from an automotive enthusiast, I explain the true manner of the market adjustments. From picking up a Shelby GT350R and GT500 Super Snake, I explain the dealership game, the logic, and what to avoid.
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Richard S.
The Demon looks mean AF, but 150k + for a Dodge? PASS!
LOL, no car is worth 150k in my eyes, unless you build the car yourself it's not worth much... I appreciate a good machine, but money doesn't impress me.
Big D
I am not familiar with Demon Hellcats for $150,000 in TX. BTW I own a 2015 Challenger Hellcat and paid $5,000 over MSRP in 2015 at the height of the Hellcat mania. When I went to the “ SRT experience” at Willow Springs race track I ran into a fellow owner who also worked at an LA Dodge dealership and back in 2015 these were going in L.A
into the 90’s. I was very surprised considering they are now in the low 40’s for trade in. If I remember Correctly Dodge cut down on the crazy mark ups for the Demon by eliminating deliveries to dealers that mark them up insanely. The mark Up is the price one pays for being impatient and wanting bragging rights
Caleb Cosner
How does a 12 year old run a car channel?
Damir Hodzic
Lol this tells me the market will crash soon.. and they know it
Effram Coleman
The dealers are so stupid by marking the car up so high it's a Dodge it's not a Cadillac it's not a Ferrari not a Porsche not a Lamborghini it's a Dodge as soon as you leave the lock it starts devalue for that money there charge me I would go get a Lamborghini or Porsche something that holds value or Corvette second thing is I Stay in Michigan a snowy winter state and people are buying these things with all this power and try to drive them in the snow it's hilarious to see them spinning around and sad because they're crashing them left and right if you can afford something like this put it on the race track end up for winter must be nice to have enough money to buy something that burns a lot of gas and you can barely drive it and your surance rates to go Sky High
Mark Lott
I wouldn't pay a dime for any piece of crap dodge
Steven Lilly
Any way to get a better video of the girl at 7:05? Much more exciting than a Dodge.. ;)
JONNY_Z__ 370z NA
Who makes that.....
JONNY_Z__ 370z NA
Pilot SS are trash....get Toyo R888Rs.
fifty over so what?. supply and demand, If youtube started paying your channel more money you would not be complaining. get the fuck out the dealership and stop asking stupid questions. go to the gym and workout use your limited time on this earth wisely.
Devin Whitlock
You’ve hit a few curbs huh. I see that shake
OctaneRed _392
I do get your point about the markups tho. I would pick the hellcat over the demon anyway.
OctaneRed _392
350 R’s are made to order the demon had a set number that’s it. Ford still makes the Eleanor style mustang so the argument about there are less GT 350 R’s than demons is mute. You cannot get a demon made at no point and time after 2018.
OctaneRed _392
They will make a lot more than 3,000 of those gt350 r’s 3,000 is not a lot for a car bro smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ the one dealer said only 33 made he had to mean in that color lol. Damn I hate when salesmen do not know anything about their product smfh.
Kacson Maddox
You definitely can’t get a new Hell Cat for 45k
Broken Sword Hobbies
You are absolutely right with your with your information. You can expect to lose $1k to $1500 as soon as you leave the dealership and that's with a 2014 Ford Explorer. The only way you will recuperate any cash value is in about 25 to 30 years down the road. Thus Barret Jackson Auto sales selling a 1970 Cuda with a 426 cid for $123k. Just saying.
Andy Ashton
One word, Dodge.
Alex Ceja
This guy is stupid
2Ss 1le Ghoul
IKR !!! $150k for a damn whale 🐋 with wheels?!?!?!? Eeew
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Restoring & Building Cars in Mexico HERE'S WHY THE DODGE DEMON IS NOT WORTH 2 days ago   22:45

Save dollars on labor in Mexico. We investigate at "Street Toys" in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. They build Mustangs, Camaros, muscle cars, rods and customs, including the "Viper Cuda" for 2018 SEMA show. Plus, we take a ride in this exotic Mopar - a Viper with a 'Cuda body (only one ever built, so not a 'Cuda with a Viper engine).