University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Tour Top 10 Must Visit American Cities 1 day ago   10:23

Nicholas Ritz
This is a narration of the UW Madison campus and includes many impressive and scenic views of the University.

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Darío González
gringos de mierda, torturadores y asesinos de animales, estudiantes y profesores cobardes y psicopatas, complices que permitieron que unos malnacidos carniceros con titulo de cientificos sometieran a torturas durante años a indefensas mascotas, metanse su universidad en el ass. microbios infecciosos, basuras
John Fowler
It is not MANdota it is MENdota
Shifteh Ehsani
oh i love this campus the best place in USA the weather was sucks but the people and the city the best place to be
Ziqian Yu
please accept me!!
Lemonade Kemonaf
please accept me!!!
Scott Koningisor
Did you know that the Kabbalatards at the University of Wisconsin INTENTIONALLY cut off the glanses of baby boys so that they can one day be taken to the University of Wisconsin and used as sextoys by the Rothschilds and their billionaire pederast friends?
It's true. You of course already know that the University of Wisconsin is actually the House of Rothschild, right? Yup, they've been cutting off little boys' glanses for 180 years. It's how they get a steady supply of "angels."
You know about the "angels," right? They serve as temple harlots; even the ones who want to be boys are FORCED to be girls!
That is what your filthy school is all about. Let all your classmates and teachers know what that place is.
Chris Gagnon
sounds like a white boy
Ryan Fike
Enjoy some snacks?
Nancy Robbins
Michael J. Falbo (President) and Jane Radue (Executive Director) are moving forward with the torture study of baby monkeys at the University of Wisconsin. What if your child had her eye sight and hearing removed? And removed from all parental care, later to be dissected? Please write or call them to stop this redundant study!
If I am accepted, I have to choose between MSU and UW Madison... it is going to be a tough choice.
jefferson lopez
excuse me, in this university have career of telecommunication or electronic or system
Alex Reid
Gorgeous campus!
Jillian M.
27-30 is average now
Is it tooo party school?
Zhipeng Pan
Why do you like University of Wisconsin Madison, can you tell me something about its drambacks?
Thank you
great work my friend! on Wisconsin!
Cha VoVo
Today is the day! Vote for AMANDA SULLER for ASM Senior President at UW-Madison. Voting can be done online at
Movlam Rejepov
i will apply here this year..)))
its 27-30
Nicholas Ritz
Thanks! Much appreciated.
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