Jamaica Paradise in Hd (the best Top 15 Things to do in Montego Bay | The Planet D | Jamaica 12 months ago   04:50

Filmed and edited by biskeybee in Jamaica jan 2012
Cams panasonic hs700 and jvc gy-hm100
Edited in final cut pro

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What song is that??! I love it.
Moksha Luxury Villa, Chukka Cove Jamaica
Ha Ha, nice movie.Caught "O" Grady in the video..
Taneesha Thomas
Dan Wydella
I always watch this vid before I go on my trips to Negril.
Roman Max
To explain Jamaica you really have to go there it's like a cross between the Bronx a garbage dumb and palm trees with a few Beaches surrounded by gates and walls . That's Jamaica
Steven Mcbryde
Jamaica is a beautiful island full of beautiful people but this is a "tourist" video. Walk,drive,get the bus or taxi but get away from your resort and see Jamaica put your$$$ or £££ into Jamaicans pockets. Blessings
Beverly Ocao
steph jennerr
sunset @ 0:39 is that panasonic or jvc?
This video always makes me miss Jamaica
dave garrison
Still, the best Jamaican video around. Once you go, you know.
Judith PamelaBlack
Cannot wait to go to Jamaica miss my country.
Shruti Khullar
Great video! Will be in Jamaica myself in May, can't wait!
Rhonda McLaughlin
Beautiful video. I will see Jamaica in person come April 22nd. I am so excited.
Judith PamelaBlack
Shah Newaz Kabir
Jamtube tv
Thank you BiskyBee, for a great video, I think it is the best video of Jamaica on youtube. Come back and do some more! Well Dun!
When I watch this it is no wonder I cannot keep myself from going back every year.
is jamaica safe and clean to go to?
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Top 15 Things to do in Montego Bay | The Planet D | Jamaica Jamaica Paradise in Hd (the best 12 months ago   10:29

Things to do in Montego Bay. The latest Jamaica travel vlog by The Planet D takes you to Montego Bay where we share the best day trips and excursions.
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