The Shelby GT350R Is the Ultimate Ford Chapter 2: 2016 Shelby GT350...Features 5 months ago   10:20

Doug DeMuro

The Shelby GT350R is the ultimate Ford Mustang -- and it's also a huge surprise, which I discovered when I drove a Shelby GT350R for the first time. Here's my review of the GT350R.

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ford mustang
I like the gt350 and gt500 from 2007 and up but not the new one because there is no manual transmission
TheNewGeneration 2016
I am Camaro fan but this car is hella good looking car too
Heber D.
DO THE GT500!!!!
Shushi 204
Big fat american balls
The fun mart
Whayo AjRed YT
4:23 sport mode sounds like a race car reving
Kiel Li Mikal
bruh the sound of this car alone should make you wanna buy it
If you want to buy the carbon wheels separately it would already cost more than extra compare to a regular GT350
Just depends whether you want a more oriented track car or a GT I guess
Trevor Tate
The ONLY complaint I have with this review is that you can tell a GT350R apart from the standard GT350 because the cobra emblem on the front and back is red as compared to the standard silver on the GT350
John Baptiste
He forgot to say that the gt350R has a red cobra badge unlike the gt350
All you Chevy fans are soo Jealous !!!
Dodge Demon: That’s cute.
Scared the hell out of me when you took off!
Shane's OnAir
Um. Can u clean the car before u show it?.
All guys know this feeling 7:55
Rice Grainz
4:24. That's a LOT of water. Geez.
ed low
I wonder if you can switch out the GT500 paddle trans to a 350.
Locus Coaching
What happened to the Doug Score?
James Brown
What? No Doug Score?
Mini Trick Shots
if the R had more power and torque then it would be the ultimate bargain
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Chapter 2: 2016 Shelby GT350...Features The Shelby GT350R Is the Ultimate Ford 5 months ago   12:33

This Shelby GT350 review talks more about features of the car that are discussed very little to never in other car reviews. Outlines unique features only found on the GT350 that work with the symphonous 5.2L Voodoo motor & magna-ride suspension.

Link to initial GT350 Review: