SUPPRESSED SNIPER TROLLING In Fortnite! every person i KILL i show 2 weeks ago   13:21

The new Suppressed Sniper is a BIT OP if you combine it with Ballons!

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This new mic is gonna be really good when I get it setup properly! had the sensitivity a bit too high for this one though sorry! (Also facecam was broken today :( )
Where is the facecam bro
Joshua Ings
Face cam?
Chris Coudriet
@11:35 sounds like he could be saying bullets or balloons
Gi _ Joe
Stop the antivirus is coming stop stop stop stop the ksi army is coming
Rebbie Nagle
noah savetta
Ad me as friend Noah sav1xx
noah savetta
Can I have v bucks 2000 Noah sav1xx
Camran Ditta
Everyone join for free skins before they run out!
Original Content
Whens suppressed pickaxe out
thanks for teaching me that amazing strat got 2 wins with it so far
4:40 “Ohhhh, right in this niggas nuts”😂
Armir Maliqi
3:44 sjump scare
Esau Perez
Free vb
Andy Wang
3:45 he was going to say holy s***
Pravnoor Saran - Mountain Ash MS (1421)
Muselk can make a bad gun, good using memes
Michael 7616
I really like that skin combo 👌
Alice Brent
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Eljay Cray
i thght you where down but when you got the win you came back up
kelly Hayman
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every person i KILL i show SUPPRESSED SNIPER TROLLING In Fortnite! 2 weeks ago   10:41

every person i KILL i show their stats... (very bad)
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